S type engagement limits ? (and versatile engagement)


Hi guys,

I am 34 in a couple of weeks and am due to re-enter on a S-type engagement.

I have no reckonable previous service other than that as a recruit.

I was wandering are there any limits to an s-type in job role, promotion, course entitlement etc. Also how would versatile engagement effect a serving s-type.

Also becasue of my age and the s-type would that prevent me from attempting Pathfinders, SRR or as i wanted to always do at some point UKSF 22. I believe there are age limitations on these, so would i be right in thinking i wont be bale to attempt any of these selection processes, i realise for 22 you need 3 years previous service and 39 mths remaining, but that would take me 37 before applying., so too old ?

Any constructive input would be appreciated. I understand OP sec so im not asking for any sensitive information.

cheers in advance.


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I did an S Type and the unit you are going to join will use you as a replacement as you will have signed on for a relatively short time (1 year is the norm). You may be able to get on a few low level courses but no promotion courses. If, however, the unit is desperate for course qualified bods you may get on one (but that is very rare).

If you decide to stay on and the unit accepts your transfer request you will find a whole new world opening up


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I re-enlisted at the age of 35 onto a S Type (6 Years). I have had no problem in getting trade / promotion courses. However I'm AGC SPS and have no life.

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