S.T.R.B. Top Secret (maybe)

Static Tensile Resistance Blister , yep ,it's a bit sciency though not a secret, well unless the material in question is a novel composition and under development. Dont loose any sleep over it , I know I wont.

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My shoe size isnt on GOOGLE either ...........

[align=justify]Its ok. Email from mate on telic. Has explained it. Advsed the following. Sunscreens for tents are now being made of momentum retardent material that acts in such away to reduce momentum at the optimum level required to disable detonation of various projectiles. Apparently tentage is now safer than hard cover! (honest)
well, a new one on me, I just love this newspeak ! thanks for that .


mrpuffin said:
Does anyone know what the Static Tensile Resistance Blister is?
Havn't a clue but here is a bit of classified poop I would like to share. some of you may know that the concept of a ship mounted decoy / countermeasure has been around for some time

Current decoys / CM are regarded as single use / disposable. An industry insider tells me that a UOR is inbound for a new decoy that will replicates an above-water-platform in every respect. However the new requirment is that the decoy should recover it's self to a safe area

Once recovered, the decoy will then contact Max Clifford direct, to arrange media interviews and tell it's story with pictures and negotiate a book advance, prior re-entering the supply chain to return to front-line service.


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Bit like a chastity belt then.

S.T.R.B. Static Todger-Resistive Belt

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