S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadows of Chernobyl

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Chief_Joseph, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Picked it up recently. It's a fantastic game. It's clear from the atmosphere and writing that the developers wanted to tell a good story as well. It even touches on issues that face Russia today, like poverty, unemployment, and social change.

    They even have the SA80 in it! (In Stalker's 2012 setting, they are now a black market weapon as a result of Britains switch to the latest H&K rifle. I suppose the game does stretch reality in some spots :wink: )
  2. Chief.

    Is it a FPS or is there a bit of thinking involved aswell. I'm a bit sick of just running around leathering everything that moves a bit of brain engagement would be nice for a change.
  3. Quite a bit of brain engagement. It's a hybrid fps and rpg. There are factions involved, you can pick allegiances (or choose to go it alone). Those decisions WILL impact what happens.

    You are not superman in this game. You need to use cover, pay close attention to your surroundings (beware of radioactive anomalies)
  4. Nice one.

    Mrs Dingerr will be dispatched to acquire said item soonest. ;-)
  5. :rofl:
  6. Brought it a few days ago very good game lots to do on it.
  7. Been playing it for a couple of weeks, graphically very impressive. The AI is good too, the NPC's make good use of cover and make for some decent fights. Just remember to save regularly, and never carry less than 10 FFDs and medpacks into any situation.
  8. Been waiting for it for years, ever since I first heard whispers of it. I'd go out and get it, but not sure my PC would run it. What are the specs like?

  9. From the sounds of things this game is worth the 5-year wait. Edge recently gave this game a very respectable 8/10. I'll be getting it on the weekend, looks like ARRSE will be avoided for the next week or so....
  10. wont bloody run without slow down on my laptop (and its a 6 month old top of the range mesh Asus) grrr - now , wheres my copy of Far Cry............
  11. Wont run as in a crash right after the splash screen ( Green box , says S.T.A.L.K.E.R in it) sparks up ( dies right after that ) or runs slowly when you do start it - looks like your running in slow-mo etc.

    A little bit more info & some of us might be able to help :) it is a great game BTW , very atmospheric & fairly realisticly modeled weapons ( to a GAME extent of course , & in my albiet limited knowledge .
  12. Turn off Dynamic Lighting (assuming you have it on) and you will see a huge improvement in how it runs.
  13. Recently got Stalker, got hacked off last night as when trying to complete the Rescue my brother mission at the garbage site I kept on dying of radiation poisening, plus the bandits kept on re-spawning. Will gather my patience and try again tonight
  14. Notice the moving parts on the SA80 are on the wrong side. Bit of a school boy error.
  15. The moving parts are wrong on all weapons and the ejection port on pistols - same.

    Drink loads of Vodka in a safe place (the village) and have fun !!!! :D