?s re joining as a surgeon

in the past, i had been thinking about joining the army, but held off, went to med school, worked in the nhs for a while, went to the states and did a surgical residency.

now i'm done, and am once again thinking about joining the army, hopefully ramc as a surgeon. i've looked at the official website, but didn't really get too much info from it.

can anyone here please let me know a little about what life as a military surgeon is like? just a doc in green or fundamentally different?

thx in advance
You'll work as part of a military team in an MDHU (Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit) located within an NHS Trust.

You'll work along side your NHS colleagues - but youll be deployed on Operational Tours when instructed by LAND via DMETA.

PM me and Ill get you a contact local to your area - or contact the RAMC Recruiting team at Camberley.

As a trained surgeon, you'll be looking at receiving a 'Golden Hello'.

link to -RAMC Recruiting

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