Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sneeky_turd, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. I'm hoping to gain some advice from Arrsers on behalf of a very good friend of mine who left the Army almost 18 months ago............

    Whilst serving out the end of his time in the Army he never had any issues with regards to pay and was never approached by the Army in any way for any outstanding debts or over issues. He left the army after taking his resettlement and successfully being "stamped" out by the C.O and RAO.

    Then within three months of leaving until now he has received regular letters from the "service personnel and veterans agency" demanding a payment of an over issue in operational allowance from a over payment he apparently received in 2007. He was never approached by the Army during his service for this payment and is in the process of asking the Army to prove to him that he was over paid because he doesn't agree.

    On top of that they are also saying that he owes them money due to an "outstanding debit balance", he is not sure what this refers to.

    What I’m hoping to find out from the Arrsers out there is

    a) What's the score with the Army demanding payment three years after they've made the mistake? It was never claimed on JPA by him so there no questions of foul play there. The Army made the mistake and are now expecting him to pay for it three years after. 18months of which he has been a civilian.

    b) What’s the relevance of the stamps and clearing process on leaving the Army? Surely receiving the clearance and stamp from the RAO and pay office while leaving the Army is proof that as far as the Army is concerned that he has settled his debts and is now a free man etc, so they can't come knocking over a year later demanding money back as is the case here.

    The advice I gave to him was to go and see his Citizens Advice Bureau and maybe a lawyer. Failing that I told him to just feckin ignore them until they take him to court and then agree to pay them back 50p a week until his paid it all back! :D

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  2. I'd say the advice you gave him is sound,the CAB is the way to go
    but if e's a hat then feck off you cunt :D :D
  3. Let them take him to court - if I were him I would do a freedom of information request for copies of all documents relating to the supposed debt. I wouldn't get a lawyer involved yet, let the army prove to him that he owes them the money. If they can't prove it then they certainly won't be able to get anything back from him in court.
  4. Quite a few years ago when I worked, in the now long gone, RPO York one of the civvies was very pleased to get a personal reply to one of those letters she send out asking for money back.
    The reply read:
    'Dear Mrsxxxxxxx,
    Go fcuk yourself'
  5. this may put some light on the subject over the past few months the army has identified that a lot of people have been over paid in the last 0 - 5 years, something to do with JPA system. I too was hit with simalar circumstances, but as i am still serving they took the money without warning. Amounts do vary from pence to hundreds.
  6. End of toured in late 2007? If so this happened to loads of people, In my own case i basically got paid Op Allowance twice, You might ask how i didnt realise i'd been paid twice, well i'd been on the wrong pay band for nearly a year and when questioning the clerks at chillwell was told this was "back pay" and due to the fact that i never received a pay slip to the contrary, took this as read.

    Started getting letters about this in late 2008, told them to go swivel to begin with, got the backing of the chain of command to tell them to swivel but to no avail. In then end offered to pay the £2040 back at £20 per month which was accepted!

    All of the guys i heard of this happening to were TA or mobilised reserves, and all the guys still in have ended up paying back the money, one guy told them to poke it as he'd left, i'll e-mail him and see if i can find out whether he was sucessful or not.
  7. Cheers for the responses so far.

    @sticky- he was on tour with me in 07 yes, I think the Army is saying that he was overpaid the Op bonus by four grand and along with this "outstanding debit balance" (which he doesn’t know about yet) he owes nearly five grand all up, none of which he was chased up for while serving.

    So would it be accurate to say that if he did indeed get overpaid then he will be made to pay it back even though it was the Army's own fault and the error was made over three years ago? I wonder if Soldiers could go through their old pay slips that far back and claim back dosh also?

    We had both assumed that because the Army had stamped him out of the Army and declared him to be ok for a discharge then they had missed their chance to gain it back. Isn't that the whole reason why you need to see both the pay clerk and RAO before leaving?

    All sounds pretty daft to me anyhow. If the Army is stupid enough to over pay him and then it takes them that long to realise then I think it's quite right for him to tell them to go and sniff shiit. For all the Army knows, this guy could be on his arrse and struggling with Civie Street (his not) only for the Army to demand nearly five grand in payment. Essentially he would be suffering because of a mistake made by the Army.
  8. Look what I found:
  9. My bold, funnily enough the army still haven't given me back pay, and no one is interested, the fact that they didn't even know what trade or even capbadge i was, really inspires confidence. Strange how them seemed quick to respond when the system had lost out.

    You can write a letter to SVPA stating how repaying this sum would cause exceptional hardship, whether this would do any good is doubtful, in your mates case i'd get down the CAB or alternatively "write not known at this address - return to sender" on any correspondance.

    Hope he gets away without paying, in the meantime tell him to be as much of a pain in the arrse for them as possible, request pay slips etc etc and hope some desk jockey gives up!
  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Line to take could be 'money spent on good faith', ie you didn't know you'd been overpaid.

    If you did know (from pay statements), I guess you'll be bang to rights.

  11. His a stubborn twatt so I've no doubt that he will fight this all the way. He has requested a copy of his pay slip of the over payment so far but considering this was apperently a "final warning" letter then I think he can expect to be attending court soon.
    I just find it hard to believe that the Army actually expects people to pay it back after all that time!
    I think he will go down to the C.A.B and see what they have to say. I think it's a feckin disgusting way to go about buissness by the Army though.
  12. Write back and tell them to contact the clerk that cleared him to leave the Army and ask them why why they let them leave without sorting out pay.


    Get your mate to write to them and ask if he can claim retrospectively for travel claims, education allowances and the like while he was still serving, when they say that he should have claimed while he was still in the army politely tell them that they should have sorted his pay while he was still in.


    Write to the press, local MP, Armed Forces minister, RBL and just cause as much aggro for them as possible.

    Personally I'd offer to pay it back at 99 pence a month. (After they have proved that he owes it.)
  13. I think thats LOA for Aghan, not Op Allowance?