S&M Partner needed for DD

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by J_D, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE

    OK folks here it is. DD is complaining no one can satisfy him with sexual favours. I hear the Arrse Stud likes a bit of slap and tickle! So ladies how would you keep DD happy? Whats the worse you could do to him?

    You cheeky bitch!!!!
  3. pity - if it was SM I would volunteer but not into S&M.........
  4. J_D

    J_D LE

    What I do now!!!!!!!!!! I do nothing!! DD Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Might give you something to wack off to later tonight!
  5. He could borrow my pet kettle. I used it to boil piiss over the weekend, but I'm sure he could use it to stick 'things in and wiggle them about'.
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    I was still thinking of chucking a toaster in DD's bath while he is in it. That might shock him?
  7. No no no no no no no no. :D

    That's the whole point, Anya is trying to get me a wummun "to stick things in and wiggle them about". You not tried that lately Gunny? Or are you "attached" to that kettle?

    And you called me weird?

    Might wake me up. I just got out of bed.
  8. J_D

    J_D LE

    DD, can I not stick a finger up your bum???
  9. But DD what kind of thing do you like?
  10. Me and Gunny have this in common at least - we're both in possession of one way valves.
  11. J_D

    J_D LE

  12. J_D

    J_D LE

  13. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    Well you have a fertile imagination anyway! 8O

    You and Cutaway should get together - he has an entire dungeon ready and waiting. Its soundproofed, not to mention the walls and floors are easy to wipe down too.
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    DD, How would you know about cuts? How about I show you how its really done? See if you can walk away knowing that nothing else will compare! If not I always have the great white shark tank awaiting for your company.