S.E.M.E has gone soft!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by magicman, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. Any one with more than a few units under their belt will tell you that the standard of little red arse's at S.E.M.E is crap. Why don't we see the Provost Sgt jumping out from bush's with the RSM anymore like in years gone. Surely they would buck up their ideas if they had a pace stick or two jabbed in their grids everytime they looked the wrong way when marching around camp!!!! Any ideas what to do with em?
  2. Last time i heard, the RSM had told the provo's to take it easy just in case they were all accused of bullying.But is it really SEME's fault, the instructors at the training regiments should be the ones to sort out the chaff before we get em!!
  3. Standards? It's all downhill from here!
  4. We used to have to post lookouts at all corners of our travelling group wen walkin (marching) from the acccom to the trade area. Any sign of the Provost Staff and we could fall into step quicker than a greased trackpin sliding from an entrenching tool. Sweeping the square or painiting barrels was a favoured punishment. I remember the Rassman shouting at some "Blue Belts" with long hair sauntering across the square to "Get Orf My Square" to which they told him to go away in short sharp jerky movements and get a real job. We were pis*ing ourselves laughing and had to make a hasty retreat into the block as he was on the war path. Dont know what happened to the "Regiment" lads but i dont imagine they got away with it.

  5. Get rid of Vosper Thorneycroft and put Militery in charge of trade training like it was in the 80's. I guarentee tha you will see an improvement then. If the commo pinko liberal bleeding heart hippy sh1its would allow it.
  6. When I was at 14 Fd Wksp(when they were in Bordon), I popped up the Naafi one day and there were a couple of crow's stood outside the naafi smoking with thier titfors on and hands in the pockets. Now anyone would have had a go at them so I told them to sort thier selves out. I only got a fu*%ing yellow card pulled out on me.... so as you do, make to rip his head off for being a c*%t and he only produces a red card. As I later found out.... the yellow card is to let you know that they are uncomfortable with the way you are talking to them as they don't understand why they are getting bollocked and can you please explain to them in a calm fashion. The red is for two yellows or they feel that you are bullying them and you end up infront of the RSM yourself. Once I told the Ras man what I did it for they got a rifting but what is the Army coming to. I was thankful of a bloody good beating when I stepped out of line LOL!!
  7. I don't think SEME regiment is entirely at fault here. Just look at the bigger picture, Deepcut, falling numbers in recruiting, all this crap is resulting in poor soldiers being allowed to slip through the net. I'm at Bordon at the mo and I have to admit they are getting a bit more of a grip of the phase 2 lads with curfews and the like, But I think the whole situation is a lost cause these days.
  8. Sorry Crafty990, numbers in recruiting are not falling so it can't be that. Gundog's point is fair and as I understand it, more military staff have been posted in but not a trade trg instrs. Well done UKJonno for sorting it out.
  9. yellow and red cards? what the ****?
  10. dont believe any yellow and red card bull mate, totally untrue and I dont know why people put it about. Unless of course,,,,, someone was having someone on whose head was up his arse,,, did that a few times at Bordon myself, when someone was being a bit serious,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. When I got placed on provost staff in 68, waiting foor course to start, our Provo Sgt was ex Regt. Nick**son.
    Big guy but normaly a gentle giant. One of the provo full screws was done over by a couple of former villens, and they where dragged in. Nick paced up and down NO ONE lay a finger on them, when first one came in he was slapped inside then Nick went in.
    He SCREAMED at the prisoner. Never have I heard anything remotely like it before or since.
    The lad untouched, was in a state of shock for hours after and plead guilty, did 28 days with our Nick. Pounded up and down that square in Full CEMO or whatever it was then.
  12. Whether or not a place is going soft is purely up to the Regimental Staff, from the CO downwards. There are many other ways of getting your point across to a young Ph2 Cfn who has stepped out of line. These do not require you to go down the "charging" route. By simply making someone aware that they are in need of remedial training in bed making at certain inconvenient hours of the day (as long as it is documented in a their p-file), you can carry on reminding them that there is a command structure, and that the place is not some butlins. However, some OCs shy away from the charging route. Mine did not, and would regularly spend 1 day a week charging young Cfn who had stepped out of line - whether shaving, or drunk on parade. Within a few months, the mood within the coy had changed substantially, and the workload for the Regimental staff had dropped off to a reasonable level.

    The great thing about repeatedly charging people is that it gives you shedloads of ammunition to use when you turf them out. Had one lad who's conduct sheet ran to 15 pages.
  13. i thought it was suspect.
  14. This is an army urban myth!

    A few years ago lots of people in the field army were talking about this, convinced that a mate-of-a-mate had seen/heard/experienced it. DG ATRA wrote to the CO of every Phase 1 and 2 training unit in the army and asked them if it had ever taken place in their unit. Everyone of them replied that it had not. The nearest to the red/yellow cards ever being used they could find, was that someone had proposed it in a training seminar/discussion group - and it was quickly rejected as being contrary to military discipline.

    Perhaps the letter never reached Borden.... :roll:
  15. Hi, im startin my phase 2 at borden as technical support specialist an i just wanted to know wat the struture to the course was, as in what we actually do. My sergant got my joining instructions wrong so I would appreciate any help I get :) thanks steve