He's left his driver in the lurch hasn't he? All these motoring offences being committed by his driver, in his car and he was in the back, yet he did fcuk all to prevent it?

What a cnut.

doomsayer said:
I like the fact that the Chief Constable is a "staunch anti-speeding campaigner"!

What a two-faced cnut :evil:

Too True, "Do as i say,And not as i do" Knob :!:. In our job isn't it the commanders responsibility, To tell the driver to Slow down, Speed up etc, The filth should take a leaf out of our book, Instead of wasting time nicking each other why not try and catch some real crim's.

Oh no too busy with paper work :)
I would almost put money on the spineless tw4t having said something to his driver like "Let's get back home as quick as possible, I've had a long day".

And after they were stopped something like "Well, I can't back you up, it won't do my career any good. You're on your own on this one."


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