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Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by DLQ, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. DLQ


    Guys, is there a waltfinder general in the SADF/SAAF?Got a guy here, who ignoring the fact that he looks like the Regimental Pie Eater, keeps telling me unusual stories about his time in the SA mob. Without going into annoying details about the smaller petty things (he does not look/talk/act or walk like a man that has seen service, in fact the complete opposite, there are. Few specifics he came up with that I would like clarifying if anyone knows. Specifically he claims;- served 2 years part time in SAAF from 16 - 18 when he worked during holidays etc- then served 7 years full time from 18- claims to have a 10 year pension because he had his part time service added on to his full time service (which he bought?) To arrive at 10 years service (yes, I know his maths don't work)- joined an engineering officer and completed all training but on completion was told that due to apartheid ending he would only enter service as Cpl- claims 3 gongs; w x 5 year service, 1 x good show (clever idea) medal and 1 x service during end of apartheidNever seen a photo, never seen any evidence and he talks like a classic walt. Today (of all days) it drove me mad but I must be going soft and did not want to fire a broadside at him. Generally he is full of utter brown stuff in other matters and all my instinct tells me he is lying but I would like to know more about the SADF/SAAF. I have worked in the past with them and found them to be not too much unlike our mob but stranger things have happened.His service career has changed a few times in the 2 years I have known himAnyway, be grateful of any info you guys can offerDLQ
  2. I should think that this one for the Waltenkommando Forum (under Arrse hole), though I am not sure how much of a feedback you'll get. More importantly, when is the next Braai and are bore worms ordered?
  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Don't know specifics for the SAAF but from what you say he is talking complete nonsense.

    Never heard of the part time thing - it sounds bizarre since due to conscription EVERYONE got their call up when they were 17/18 years of age.

    One had the opportunity of doing a Junior Leadership course, completion of which after a year got you either a commission or two stripes dependant totally on your scores/personality.

    One could then sign on as a regular Permanent Force member - however this sounds unlikely in the SAAF unless you were specifically qualified as aircrew or a qualified aircraft engineer that would be highly unlikely.

    There is no 5 year service medal that I know of - but I'm not an expert - I certainly didn't get one - there was a 10 year service medal.

    Does he have an English or Afrikaans backround? Very very few English speaking Saffers joined the SADF as Permanent Force except oddly enough as aircrew.

    I wouldn't let it bother you though - it could be worse he could be a 32 Bttn/Koevoet/Parabat who originally was in the RLI which is what one person I met claimed to be.
  4. DLQ


    All sounds as I thought. I did forget to mention that I am only across your border in Mozambique, it would be a rare treat to have all you guys round for a braai so that he feels among equalsI will buy the worst and pap but please remember I am a brit so there will be a dress code. Yes, I will be wearing a dress.Thanks for the feedback DLQ
  5. Has a new sentence been added to the arrse joining instructions?

    "I hereby understand that my first post on this site must relate to waltism. The wankier, the better."

    We should be told.
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Here are details of SADF medals btw...you can see there is no 5 year service medal and the end of apartheid thing was for 1994 - pretty standard haul would be.

    Pro Patria
    Good Service Medal

    Southern African Medal and the 61 Balkie were one level up from the basic bling.

    The SADF's Border War - Medals and Decorations
  7. DLQ


    He speaks afrikans. Forgot to mention I am only here across your border in Mozambique. I could invite all you chaps round for a Braai so you can ask him yourself., I can supply the worst and pap but be warned, I'm a Brit so there will be a dress code.Yes, I wear a dress.
  8. DLQ


    Sorry Arte if I overstepped protocol. I have given myself a stiff talking to and will think of something less wanky for my next post.

    Unless they change the rules for the 'second' thread that is.

    Sorry for re-posting a post, first night nerves.


    PS - Is it forum rules to always try to hijack/tangent/comment on any new members first threads ?

    I could get to like this game
  9. It is when the first post is about our dear friend Walter.
  10. DLQ


    Aye well, thems the breaks shipmate. Glad to give you something to post about.

    Could be worse, worse things happen at sea.

    Back to the thread then, thanks for all the feedback. (yeah, including yours

  11. Welcome to ARRSE, howsit in LM these days?
    You're not by any chance a Lord's Resistance Army Walt -Mozambique Lodge- by any chance?
    Joseph Kony was known to knock around the bush in Alice Lakwena's dresses, after he ditched the bitch.
    I know some rooineks go native, but this may have been a little de trop dontcha kno?
    BTW don't worry about posting the same post twice - it is OK for bi-polar ARRSErs.
  12. DLQ


    It's nothing that sinister, I just enjoy dressing as a girl.
    I don't think it makes me a bad person and it seemed to work so well for my grandfather

    It's also cooler when fishing for prawns
  13. Weren't all aircrew PFs?

    The SA Navy was probably the most English of the services. This is an interesting extract from a book called A Military History of South Africa by Timothy Stapleton, p.153.

    Came across some clown the other day who claimed to have been a dog-handler, a PTI and also attached to the Parabats, Recces and 32 Battalion- and then "led a stick to just outside Luanda", whatever that means. All as a national serviceman! I didn't bother questioning him.
  14. Just ask him for his forces number and post it here - including the "post script". If his service was as varied as he says, there SHOULD be at least two sets of letters after the numbers. Fire away, boet...

    As Lardbeast says, no 5-year medal. Short Service was 4 years' "PF", otherwise 10 years. Most front-line mates of mine didn't even get the three medals wither.
  15. Some aircrews were short-service (NOT pilots or navs). The clown MAY have got away with it if he had dropped either the PTI or Doggie. SPES had specialists assigned to Recces and the Bats, but 32 weren't interested unless you had 3 stripes or Commission and were short-term or PF. Feggenwally.