S.A.R In the Atlantic

At 11.25 a.m. this morning Falmouth Coastguard were alerted by the crew of the bulk carrier `Isa owned by the Polish Steamship Company, which was 400 miles south west of Ireland that three of her crew had suffered serious multiple injuries and were in need of urgent medical treatment. One of the injured crewmen who suffered extensive injuries, died a few hours later.

Now my question is this :

The RAF sent a Sea King from Chivenor who airlifted the injured some 200 miles off the Irish Coast as the operation was maximum of their range ( From take-off at Chivenor). Cork Airport would have to been used by the RAF as a refuelling point.

What about the Irish Coastguard Sikorsky 61N (Rescue 115) that is based at Shannon Airport?.

This Helicopter has a range of 400 nautical miles.!!

Will the Irish Department of Marine cover the cost of the RAF Helicopter??
The Irish hardly ever rescue anyone from the Atlantic - the RAF do it all the time. Our Sea Kings spend more time at Cork/Shannon than the Irish ones....the Irish also brought choppers (Dauphins) with a very limited range and claimed to have fulfilled their requirements under the Law of the Sea ie providing rescue within their national waters. Even the French and Spanish head out further into the Atlantic than the Irish Rescue lot!

We should stop providing Nimrods from Northern Scotland overhead to coordinate and choppers from Scotland/Wales/England and watch the world ask the Irish why they aren't rescuing people in need...it must cost us a bomb every time we send Nimrods and choppers whilst the Irish sit on their arses. Have they run out of ways to screw money out of the EU to pay for rescue services?
Im wondering now if the location at the time of the arrival of the RAF was outside the Irish SRR box as shown below. Even still though, Shannon still would have been closer.


Area and Zone of Responsibility
The limits of the Irish Marine Search and Rescue Region (IMSRR) correspond with those of the Irish Flight Information Region (FIR) - approximately 200 miles off the West Coast, 30 miles off the South Coast and dividing the Irish Sea.

Referance: http://www.transport.gov.ie/Irish+Coast+Guard+IRCG/Search+and+Rescue/
Judge_John said:
Now my question is this :
And this is the answer, M'lud.


The Sikorsky S-61 is only operated by a private contractor on behalf of the Irish Coast Guard. As best as I remember there was actually an order for new design state of the art long range helicopters from Sikorsky to be purchased by the Irish Government for use by the Irish Air Corps as dedicated long range SAR platforms but our French "allies" put the boot in by mounting a legal challenge critizeing the tendering process, presumably they were objecting to purchaseing from a company that had never supplied Hitler's Third Reich with aircraft i.e. Sikorsky.


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