Rythm Force 2010

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Resurgam, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. Just arrived home from this outstanding function at Kneller Hall. There were a good few thousand there but it did not seem as full as it could have been. As the tickets were free for serving members I was a little disapointed. It may have been that everyone was too busy to attend.

    There were some outstanding acts from within the forces themselves. A band called Stripes did an amazing set that had everyone up on their feet and the Voice of the Guns were outstanding especially big Al who was supposed to have a sore throat. Hayley Westenra was really charming and her voice was in my opinion quite superb. The young lad ( an X factor refugee I suspect) doing the Rat Pack songs is just not old enough to carry them off. I suspect you need years of bourbon and cigarettes to get the voice right and all he has is spots, poor lad.

    The soldiers were very good and the vocalist with the opening act - bald with a scarily good voice was brilliant - he may have been one of the Soldiers or a violinist I am not sure. Whoever he was he was awesome.

    As for the headline act, STATUS QUO, what can one say other than they were brilliant and their new version of In the Army Now is excellent - buy it please.

    I am knackered but had a ball as did everyone from 5 - 90.

    An outstanding event. I shall go again next year if it happens
  2. I was there, totally good night out, have to agree with Resurgam, Stripes were excellent ( Rifles Drums and Bugles I believe), they seemed to have that thing that reached across the ages, where I was, all seemed to get up and get DOWN while they were on. Ray Quinn and Hayley Westenra were outstanding, and as for Quo, they seemed to still have it (whatever it is), all in all a top night out, will be going next year for definite :headbang:
  3. Congratulations on your 1000th Joker.

    I am afraid I think that young Quinn was a bit weak. The others were excellent though.
  4. Who was the bald guy on at 7pm?
  5. Not sure, but he was pretty good. I had to admire the irony of Stripes though, talk about knocking stereotyping into a cocked hat, black dude in a suit while the white guy gives all the hood/rap motions, top act ^^
  6. Didn't know it was on. Perhaps attendance would be better if they advertised?
  7. I only found out through a friend, £20 well spent I reckon.
  8. The RA mob were fab. A really good bash as it is every year.
  9. Brilliant night but... Am I that old that a) none of the Quo stuff needed introductions, b) they all looked knackered as do I and c) a lot of youngsters seem to say ah I thought I recognised that one. Really good fun.
  10. still no one can tell me who the vocalist was who was on at the beginning.
  11. Not a clue, Resurgam
  12. Rhythm Force?

    Us Catholics have been using the rhythm method for years.

    Were my children (the result of the rhythm method) to form a band we'd have more Musicians than Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey combined.

    In the Mood? Oh I was then...
  13. Ah ken who they are...

    They're ok.

    They;re just no as gid as The Carpenters.... (that karen just didny pull her weight IMHO - cracking voice tho...)
  14. terroratthepicnic

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    If I had known about this I would have taken the wife as an anniversary present.

    I might just have to go next year and if the wife is lucky, she may be able to go with me.