Discussion in 'Travel' started by A Worker, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. Hi, i don't know what you may or may not think of Ryanair but i have travelled so much with them in the past couple of year for ridiculously cheap prices. Cheapest being £2 return to Krakow from East Midlands. I have never paid more than £20 return with them to all the destinations i have been with them.

    What i'd like to do, is help people on here get the same cheap returns too. you could have a good couple of nights on the piss in Poland or some where for the price of a couple of pints over here and pay just over a pound a pint in Poland for decent lager.

    First of all make you sure you get hold of a fairfx card. It costs nothing and they charge me 30p to load £20 onto it. It's a pre paid Mastercard, the only card Ryanair allow you to use and not incur card charges when booking flights, straight away you have saved £20 on one return flight.

    If any one needs any help, just let me know.

  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. Ryanair - Shudder!!
    Where to begin. the bloody uncomfortable seats, the charges, the constant trying to sell me something on the fecking plane, the charges, the lack of food, the charges, the airport that bears no relation to the town they claim they are landing at, the Rugby scrum to get the seat, the charges, the charges and the charges.

    Even if you get the "Cheap" flight 6 months in advance. By the time you've paid to get to Stanstead rather than Heathrow, Paid for your sandwiches, Paid your Mysterious "taxes" that are way above what anybody else charges to go to the same airport, Paid your extra card payments, Paid your Wheelchair surcharge, Paid for your bags to go in the hold as you can't take liquids in hand luggage (if you're lucky enough to only be going for the weekend) and paid for the transport at the other end (Stanstead may be handy, I guarantee you that the airport at the other end won't be as anybody lucky enough to land in "Oslo" Torp will confirm) you will be out of pocket. Scheduled airlines are always cheaper in the long run unless you book 6 months in advance, actually want to go to the tiny village that adjoins the old NATO airbase (out of Nuclear bomb range of any centres of population) in question rather than civilisation, by your toothpaste and soap there, put a spare pair of undies in your pocket and come back on a Tuesday at 23:00.

    If you8 want to fly a Refugee Airline, fly Sleezyjet. Whilst they will still rape you with bag charges and credit card fees, they will at least land you at a proper airport in the same country as the one claimed on their web site.
  4. I dont understand why folk whinge about Ryanair; nothing they charge for is hidden and no-one is forced to fly with them.

    They'll do for me simply because I have low expectations of them and will never be in one of their aircraft for more than 2 hours.

    That said; their landings are fcuking brutal.
  5. I've never had any problem with RyanAir, you get what you pay for, Cheap economy air travel. WINNER
  6. what he said =)
  7. I won't be forced to fly with them, I refuse to fly with them for the reasons stated above.
  8. As I pointed out they are not Cheap. With their dubious charges and extra costs you don't get what you pay for. The point of air travel is to get somewhere, not somewhere 200 Km from somewhere. If you think this is a bargin I can book you into a flight from Biggin Hill, with taxes, baggage charges and fuel surcharges, fly you round in circles and then land you at the same airport where you can continue your journey to the Isle of Wight at your own expense.
  9. For me, they are ideal. I have family in Rome, £150 return for myself and my two kids, straight from Liverpool (20 miles from home) to Ciampino (30 miles from my sister's house), jobsagudun!
  10. If you're serious about Flying to Norway PM Me as I'm there once a year. Jeg snakker Norsk og har mange Norske Venner, men ikke en veldig bra venner med blonde hare og stor puppene.
    Refugee Airlines flying to Oslo - Norwegian (pretty good, includes 1x Checked bag free per passenger) Cimber Sterling
    Refugee Airtlines flying to somewhere 110 Km from Oslo - Ryanair
    Proper Airlines flying to Oslo - BA, SAS, BMI etc
  11. Going with them soon (and travelled in the past) from Liverpool to Fuerteventura. Mrs Biddy and I can get all we need into a hand luggage sized case which will do for two weeks. Price wise it sometimes works out cheaper than Easyjet or vice versa. We just go for the cheaper option. It's the two weeks in resort that count more to us than the trip there and back.
  12. Then why not book a package holiday? Re Hand luggage at 5kg each 55x40x20 Cm bag - do you not wash or change clothes for 2 weeks?
  13. Ryanair Schmyanair.
  14. known affectionately by the company Mrs TSNM works for as Ryanscare
  15. Never yet had my hand luggage weighed and the size allowance is actually quite good. Wouldn't cost as much to buy shampoo/shower gel/toothpaste etc as it does to pay for luggage going into hold. Flying Ryan or Quesyjet and booking your own accommodation is usually a lot cheaper than a package holiday.