Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Transformer, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Cunts! cheap flights my fucking arrse. Dirty fucking scum bag airline.

    Lying Bastards are now charging £20 for each piece of hold baggage, with a 15kg limit and fucing £15 for each Kilo of excess luggage. £10 quid for each ticket to check in online. Extra for paying using a card and you can only pay with a card.

    Cunts should change their name to "Dick Turpin Airlines" and their motto to " We'll lie to you and rob you blind and your too stupid to do anything about it"

  2. Serves you right for flying with them you fucking pikey.
  3. They also can't change their motto to what you suggested, The Labour party have the copyright.

    i flew to Oslo last year for 99p......did online check in, no taxes, no hold baggage! job jobbed!

    i did pay £2 odd for using a card though. no way round that unless you have a Visa Electron!

  5. Ha. I haven't cock face. I just went to book flights and got fucking outraged and closed the page.

    Unfortunately Pikeyair is the only firm that fly direct.

  6. No taxes thats because Norway isnt part of the Euro Cartell. No hold luggage did you wear all your clothes on the plane.
  7. I stand corrected

    Serves you right for thinking of flying with them you fucking pikey.
  8. if it saves me £20 i will wear a whole f*cking ski suit on the plane. I took a big hand luggage and only stuff i needed.
  9. Fair comment. However no other fucker flies direct. Cunts I loath them.
  10. I was looking for cheap flights to Dublin, they went from cheap to piss takingly expensive.
  11. Tell me about it. Had to make an emergency flight to Belfast the other day, forked out £130 and printed off my boarding pass. Read the small print and discovered that they demand a passport as proof of identity, unlike other airlines for whom a driving licence is fine - so now you need a passport to fly to Northern Ireland, not that it's checked through a barcode reader or anything...

    Cost me another £120 to get the damned thing couriered to London. Cunts.


  12. the reason there's all the baggage charges is...

    how would you feel if you were a businessman and you were flying out to Germany for a meeting, coming back next day. you could fit a change of clothes in your hand luggage, take just your computer and not much else. Under your regime, you'd be paying for hold space that you don't use.

    online check in charge is a con but the hold baggage thing isn't. just as much as you don't want to pay for hold baggage that you do use, somebody else doesn't want to pay for hold baggage that they won't use. who's more entitled to not paying?

    spend a few quid extra on flying BA. it's easier, comfortable, friendly, and you won't have to piss and moan about paying to put your baggage in the hold or check in online.
  13. Micky O'Leary was asked if it was true that Ryanair was planning to charge for using the loos, his was response was,"Boeing is a remarkable company, they help put a man on the moon, can land a missile on a sixpence on the other side of the globe but you think they could work out how to put a coin box the bog of Boeing 737?"

    Says is all!
  14. ...and by the way, if you turn up at the airport without having printed off your boarding pass, they charge you £40 to get one...

  15. Quit whingeing, just had to visit UK, rip off or what.
    KLM Helsinki Amsterdam, Amsterdam Edinburgh, 4 day return 480 big uns.
    No poxy direct flight from anywhere, pity hijackings illegal