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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pistol101, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. That makes no sense whatsoever? If you allow standing passengers to fly for free then surely it isn't a cost saving exercise as the extra weight will add to fuel costs with nil return?

    And surely regulations state that passengers should be seated and wearing a seat belt during take-off and landing?

    Or have I just been WAH'd again?
  2. Wing walking became quite popular in the 1930s. It could happen again!

    There ain't no such thing as bad publicity!

  3. Do they fly from Brize?
  4. Even cheaper Ryan Air flights

  5. The thread on this is dead but a mate of mine's daughter was conned by this lot.

    And >> http://www.gopetition.com/online/26531.html

    This petition is about Ryanair and agents recruiting students, charging them a sum of £2000 for their training, then for little to no reason Ryanair and their agents are terminating probational cabin crew contracts, sometimes up to 100 each week and at the same time are recruiting new students to take training courses at a charge of £2000. Terminating to keep training courses full. To also stop Ryanair and their agents from bullying and forcing staff with probational period contracts with Crewlink and Workforce to resign and charging an extra £190. Also Ryanair, Crewlink, Dalmac, St james and Cavok must stop advertising on their websit's how easy, after a 12 month period that almost guarantees our children a full Ryanair contract, which in most cases does not happen.

    Also Ryanair Cabin Crew Training Course should be paid once students start work and our children should not be offered a bank loan at a high interest rate.As adult enough for our children to work on Ryanair Aircract, taking care of passengers, they must be allowed to open their own bank account and not the bank Ryanair tells them to.
  6. It'll be Ryanairs definition of "free" though, add on a boarding fee, luggage handling, credit card charges, sell a few scratch cards/snacks/drinks and he'll be in the black
  7. No. not a WAH... it's actually a real news story. I'd definitely say that 'free' in this case is a relative term and it's a fair bet that Michael O'Leary is not doing it out of the goodness of his heart! That 'gentleman' wouldn't tell you the time unless there's a profit in it for him.
  8. Flew Ryanair couple of weeks back to Shannon and back. Having just sat down on aircraft, realising that I'd left my sunglasses where I was sitting at the gate, called over the steward (we're still ten minutes from takeoff) - explain the score, and he calls through to his mate at the gate on the two-way, and sure enough, tells me that they've got them, and to call back to the RyanAir ticket desk on my return (door is now shut).

    Suffice to say, got back five days later, no sunglasses, nobody any ideas of who was on duty for that flight, and a pair of decent shades probably being worn by a member of RyanAir's ground crew.

    The other "Cost cutting measure" being considered by O'Leary and his crowd, are that passengers take their own luggage out to the plane -thus cutting out the ground handing costs. Can't see that one flying either.
  9. I suspect this is a publicity stunt along the lines of the news that they were to start charging for using the toilet.

    IIRC, Airbus looked briefly at 'semi standing seats' so they could cram 900+ into an Airbus 380. In many countries, it's a legal requirement that passengers are seated in a proper seat, with a back and a headrest, for take off and landing so the Airbus wheeze was a non-starter. I'd assume your spine would snap if you were seated on a bar stool during a crash involving a sudden stop. I shudder to think where the pole supporting your bar stool might end up!

    Given some of the Ryanair flights I've been on, I'd be willing to pay extra to have one of the khazis converted to a holding cell for the vomiting pi$$heads, oh so hilarious stag parties where everybody is dressed as Elvis and hen parties that are determined to shag all of the cabin crew before take off - even the gay cabin crew.

    (Is it OK to mention the 'g' word after major whatsisname started whining? Wouldn't want him to jump down my throat (errm, you know what I mean) and get somebody from the gay police federation to nick me for committing a hate crime).
  10. I'd go with that. They must be saving a fortune on advertising, but where he thinks it's going, by making the airline look like the pikey builders of the air, is anybody's guess.