Ryanair screwing staff - again

Wasn't crew fatigue mentioned as a factor in the Air Dubai accident at Rostov on Don?
It was mentioned including publication of various rosters that would never see the light of day in Europe, even in RYR.

My next big dinner to anyone who finds reference to it in any official report though. Like I say, fatigue; the ginger step child with learning difficulties of aviation.
The golden days of working in the airline industry are long gone and only the tech is hiding the fact that all staff are now seriously overworked .......

Not sure if Toastie has been involved with the cockpit fumes issue on engines but several Pilots I know were experiencing it regularly but would never report it despite it being a supposed policy for pilots to do so....reason was pressure from airline and being seen as "not on side" so therefore become higher up the list for redundancy .

Mrs G and many friends worked in the industry when long layovers in exotic locations and concessions or even free flights were common .......and to a large degree staff were (she was B Cal ) appreciated and looked after ... the opposite is now in place it seems .
Indirectly, yes. The latest theory (re Airbus) is hydraulic fluid leaks making their way along the underside of the aircraft and into air conditioning, potentially even through the APU. BA have a long running argument with a few crews from the Rolls powered 757 days. Allegedly several have developed neurological disorders and at least one fatality is supposedly linked. All very difficult to prove one way or t’other and of course big airlines have bigger lawyers than the small people......

I flew Rolls powered 757s for 12 years and never had an issue. That’s not to say there isn’t one and as neurological disorders are a pointer to organo phosphate poisoning most people would be hard pressed to notice any difference in me.

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