Ryanair Racism Video

A tosser on RuinAir? How could that be?

As a former (and no longer) user of O'Leary's slave airline, it would not be the first kick-off (or racist comment) that I've heard in one of their planes.

Flying across to Dublin for work, the stewardess is doing the safety thing when some drunken Paddy pipes up with "sure if you're not the feckin' ugliest stewardess Oi've ever seen".

At which point I was seeing a £2,000 contract disappearing -- and to be fair she wasn't a bad looking lass either.

Said stew retorted with "you! Just remember that we haven't left the gate yet and you can be chucked off right now" ..... silence

Later I heard her admit that she hadn't been able to identify the idiot but had waved her finger in the general direction. I would have cheerfully bought her drinks for the night just for that response.

Far from the worst RuinAir flight I've had!
You can bet your life the smelly bloke in the vid (who had a shower that morning, apparently) will feel the full force of the law in due course, with every man and his dog wanting a piece of his ass, pitchforks and torches ready a la rent-a-hate-mob, akin to the level of mass media frenzy whipped up the time that fat woman dumped a cat in a wheelie bin.

Meanwhile another day another stabbing in Ipswich

Man, 21, stabbed at address in Cemetery Road, Ipswich

County Lines drug dealing in full-swing thanks to our hugely under-resourced Police service who are now set to have their pensions eroded even further leading to further reductions in ranks.

Pension proposals could have ‘dire consequences’ for police force in Suffolk

Stand by for an increase in speeding fines, encouragement of reporting hate crimes - got to be seen to keep producing the figures so we'll pick on the easy wins; racism, motorists.

What a messed up world we live in. I actually feel sorry for any copper in this day and age. Hated by most, seen off by the government, and pushed around by the do-gooders to be seen to be making the best out of a truly awful and dire situation.
Don't worry TM. Suffolk's finest are on the case, and so is The Emperor.

The stabbing is on their to do list between finding the bloke who keeps posting comments about Suffolk folks having webbed feet and tracking down a local who referred to Caitlyn Jenner as "he" after ten pints in a local boozer one Saturday night.

Why the interest in Ipswich? Do you have webbed feet?
Getting off an Aer Lingus flight in Liverpool from Dublin the number one is thanking all the off going passengers for flying on Aer Lingus. An Irish lad behind me says "Ah if this was Ryan Air you'd be telling me to feck off".

Apart from laughing so much I nearly fell down the airstair it still makes me smile.

On another occasion a man seemed to think he was entitled to abuse a female member of cabin crew on a flight from Aberdeen to the Shetlands. As she moved down the isle two rather large oil workers had a quite word with the dickhead. Dont know what they said but not another word was heard for the duration.

D*ckhead blanked out on Arse, really!!!
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Why the interest in Ipswich? Do you have webbed feet?
I imagine most local news feeds are of a similar nature. But mainly cos I live in East Angular, innit?

Modern slavery is also on the increase too, so the headlines read. But one doesn't need to read further to know that the main bulk of those stats are Albanian, Romanian, Vietnamese and Nigerian.

Region sees biggest rise in people identified as modern slavery victims

Not to worry though. A lot of potential victims can avoid being part of the problem by doing the 9pm checks. Windows, doors, not going out alone after dark etc. Let's just keep our fingers crossed the different cultures don't have cross words with each other in the meantime and end up saying anything racist. Or go 3mph over the speed limit when trying to escape their pimps and dealers.

referred to Caitlyn Jenner as "he" after ten pints in a local boozer one Saturday night.
‘Caitlyn Jenner’ is “he” after no pints and is still “he” when I’ve drank Germany dry.
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Why wasn't he removed from the plane?
Barcelona police attended but left empty handed when a righteous, virtue signaling passenger who hates racists addressed the Sergeant as follows;

“‘Oi Manuel, ows abaht you gives iz already addled brain a bit ov your famous Spic police brutality, innit?”
According to the paper that must not be mentioned, the gobby bloke on the Cryinair video has been identified as a retired railway station announcer. HTF did anyone understand what he was saying??
According to news reports it's unlikely that the odious old twat will be prosecuted in the UK. The plane was on the ground in Spain and Ryanair aircraft are registered in Dublin so not in UK jurisdiction regardless of what the Essex police say. Apparently the only way he could be prosecuted in the UK if the plane was in the air on the way to the UK.

The woman should have stuck the nut on him.

That's saved us a few million, then.......
Why wasn't he removed from the plane?
What, A noisy old senile git who probably hears too much of this.....

Pensioner begs 'I'm too old' as he's thrown to floor

That shit must do wonders for the mental well-being of pensioners

I might add he would have been removed pronto if he a was a vicious gang rapist and extension cord strangulation expert who was on deportation orders like this guy....

Somali man whose deportation was stopped by do-good plane passengers is revealed to be a gang-rapist | Daily Mail Online

Yeah, that's right, The deportee was forced OFF the plane by do-gooder Johnny there with the virtuous shit-eating grin.

It's all Sweden's fault, close the outrage =D
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