Ryanair Racism Video

He called her an ugly black ba$tard
According to the Spanish press, who put a bit more of the video on, he also said:

"I should sit there, but I'm not going to sit next to you, next to your ugly face whore , "
followed by
"Do not talk to me in a fucking foreign language, ugly cow bitch."

That's when another passenger intervenes and asks him to shut up: "Sir, could I stop?" To which he replies: "I will continue, this horrible black bastard."

And the headline reads:
"I'm not going to sit next to your fucking ugly face"
Because when someone gets hoofed their baggage has to go as well. That involves them unloading the containers until they get the right one, finding their bag in that container and taking it out before re-loading everything they had to take off. The cabin staff then have to go through all the over head bins and verify each piece of luggage is owned by someone still on the plane.

I have seen it happen twice, once when someone was kicked off and once when someone changed their mind about flying. The whole process takes nearly two hours.
I bet if he said Allahu Akbar he'd have been off the plane in a jiffy.
I bet if he said Allahu Akbar he'd have been off the plane in a jiffy.
Bit of a difference between a grumpy old fart who said something racist and someone you think might blow the plane up.
Stop press! Silly old fool calls ugly old cow an ugly old cow.

One just doesn't get that kind of oaf on BA. :)
Yeah, you do, they are called 'Cabin Crew'.
She's not that bad.............
Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 20.36.18.png
At the end of the day, the fact the media mention windrush is not relevant.
The fact the woman's husband had died recently is sad, but the other passenger wouldn't have known that.
The fact he called her ugly, or black etc isn't too high on the agenda for me either.

What we do have though is a grown man who felt it was appropriate to shout and verbally abuse a 77 year old woman because she didn't move as fast as he wanted her too.
That alone makes him a tosser of the highest order.

Abusing old ladies is abusing old ladies regardless of their colour or looks.
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