Ryanair prices ever go down?

I need to book a flight with Ryan in the next day or so , just wondering if they have a pattern to their pricing , ie do they ever drop them at certain times ? best time to book for the best deal ?
They'll only move in one direction. Up.

Sometimes "full service" airlines will drop prices at the last minute to fill otherwise empty seats, budget carriers don't.
Earlier the better. The way it was explained to me was that they allocate a certain number of cheapos to attract the punters then the others go up on a graded scale. This rather than having a standard price over the aircraft.
Last week I booked a trip for next august from Girona to Newcastle that I paid 80€ for, two days later I was scrabbling for a flight to the UK because my mum had passed away. I flew out last saturday and it cost me 150€ after booking much closer to the day.
Hope this helps.


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I need to book a flight with Ryan in the next day or so , just wondering if they have a pattern to their pricing , ie do they ever drop them at certain times ? best time to book for the best deal ?
Almost certainly just up. I don't know for sure but;

--Early seats are cheap to fill bulk of aircraft.
--As the majority of seats are filled, the software starts to adjust seat prices upwards to maximise Ryanair's profits.

You might just get lucky with a last minute unfilled seat but that's highly unlikely - Ryanair tends to get 100% occupancy because they're cheaper than their competitors.

Hitler flew Ryanair once - here's the proof...

[video=youtube;Wq9mu0HMiVg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq9mu0HMiVg&feature=player_detailpage#t=38 s[/video]

I need to book a flight with Ryan in the next day or so , just wondering if they have a pattern to their pricing , ie do they ever drop them at certain times ? best time to book for the best deal ?
It is official Ryan Air policy that if you don't like their: service, ethics, staff, aircraft, flight routes, or their pricing minefields, then you should direct your concerns directly to their boss, Mr Michael O'Leary who will take great pleasure in........

.....telling you to f@ck right off, in person!
Last minute, probably only up.

Further out it cycles: I watched over a month for flights to S France in August this year and it appeared that Fridays it went down, weekends it went up to the highest level, then dropped slightly before a significant drop on the friday (for 5 flights ranged between £475 and £800). I finally got them for £515 after kicking myself for not snapping them up at £475.

be aware they do some techy shit with cookies, so make sure you expunge everything before revisiting their site - otherwise they recognise returners looking for same flights and inflate accordingly to get you to buy sharpish.

that voice that you can hear saying "it'll be ok, it's cheap, and it's only a 2 hour flight....come on, just how bad can they be....you'll be fine...."

Just to let you know, that's the Emperor Mong...beware.
Did a couple of Easyjet bookings recently. The short notice (two days) was about 30% more than the same route when we had plenty of notice. It wasn't that ling a flight Luton to Hamburg and I was reasonably happy with the experience. Haven't flown Ryanair for about 12 years.

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An article on the BBC website about this a couple of weeks ago, see here:

BBC News - Low-cost air fares: How ticket prices fall and rise
Yes but that is for the flight.

Add on the cost of the transfer to / from airport in city or out of city, baggage, forgetting to print ticket and the fight for a seat without paying extra and being treated like cattle. Even once on board wanting to move to a better "free" seat is VERBOTEN.How much is a cup of coffee/tea or a beer?

Buy from BA (OK some hate them and have had bad service) I always use them and have never had a bad trip in 8 years. Quite often had upgrades about 1 a year so far and I don't fly more than 4 or 5 times a year with them.

OK I realise this is a request about a last min booking.

Fying back to the UK with BA in Aug, booked in April and Euro Business class was cheaper than economy. Which was about 40 quid more that Ryian AIR at the time but I can take 23 kg of luggage per person and a carry on with free booze in the airport before the flight and during.

Right now booking for the same flight in October-novenmer

Ryian air 454 euro no free drink or food on the flight and no seat booked , pick up hire means a taxi ride then 175 mi, 3 hours 16 mins back home.

BA 497 euro free food and drink, seat allocated free of charge and no restriction on hand luggage. Pick up hire car at terminal .Trip time home in the UK. 144 mi, 2 hours 35 mins.

No brainer IMO
Another vote for BA, they have got a sale on at the moment and they look after you if any problems. As someone who likes to travel light then their hand luggage allowance is one of the more generous ones, though it is going down and no complaints with the trolley dollies down to Nice.
I fly fairly regularly on business, I use Ryan Air simply because I live quite close to Stansted which is their main hub and it's convenient for me. I have no complaints, you get what you pay for I always pay the extra few quid for the priority boarding because I like an aisle seat and it avoids the rush. The flight are usually quite short, an hour or two, so I don't buy their food and rarely their drinks. If I am going long haul and have to go to LHR/LGW then I use BA when ever possible because I like them, I have never had any cause for complaint.

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I shall be having my first experiance of Ryanair on the 22nd, flying from Bristol to Gerona airport.
Hand luggage only, with the wife and 2 3yr old kids. Should be fun.

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