Ryanair may introduce fat tax

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Taffnp, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. First there was the ‘wee fee’, then the charge for the privilege of checking-in, now it seems budget airline Ryanair has finally tipped the scales by announcing it is considering a fat tax.

    Yes, that’s right, a fat tax.

    The budget airline (and more largely — pardon the pun — its boss Michael O’Leary) has never really concerned itself with political correctness when it comes to brash promotions, and it would seem this latest headline-grabbing idea is no different.


    I think that if this is introduced, it will catch on with other airlines.

    Used to bug me on public transport when someone had taken up two seats, surely two seats = 2 x fares ?
  2. Maybe they have a point although the seats are so small that even the average person feels cramped. What happens when a body builder or someone with huge shoulders gets on? They may not be overweight by any standard but the will impinge on their neighbours seating.
    I would far sooner see a screaming kids levy. Some parents seem toi think that it's fine to let their kids roam free on an aeroplane and bother all the other passengers, it does my head in!
    Other taxes I would introduce:

    Snorer's tax
    Naggers Tax
    Body Odour tax
    Incessant trips to the toilet tax
    I'm the font of all knowledge and I love to show people how much I know tax.
    Overpowering perfume/after shave tax
    Garlic Tax
    Bad Breath Tax
    Small Breast Tax
  3. Now this tax I have no problem with - the amount of times I have had to breath slowly and ask check-in very nicely that the two or three poiunds or overweight in my baggages is necessary and that I would really rather not be fined, only to find some fat chod wheezing their way onto the plane, perspiring pure lard and then taking up two seats, rolls of arm fat drooping over the divider like some bad Dali painting... ugh. Bring it on!

    (I'll also second the levy on screaming children) :twisted:
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not sure why its referred to as a tax, its a fee on top of the so called cheap ticket price. Any idiot that chooses to fly Ryanair deserves everything they get.
  5. Discrimination springs to mind and I suppose those disabled strap their wheel chairs to the wings?

    Why not just fill the plane before it can take off, in stead of running two thirds full? The the companies would not have to find more ideas to get the extra revenue?? . . .
  6. Quite agree with all the above, "edit"(actually only agree with naggers, body odour, and perfume tax, I snore, reek of garlic and all breasts are fine with me, as long as they get them out :D ) "edit" but lets not forget the fatties are most likely the fatties who are to fat to work and are going on holiday at our expense and costing the NHS millions. Lets just tax the fat cnuts on a day to day basis, what an incentive to lose weight, it would put all those slimming companies etc out of business.. :D
  7. Completely agree. Aren't the great British public supposed to be voting with their feet?
    Leave these feckers to their tax on everything and then when they go bust. I'll laugh.

    Not sure about all of Markintime's taxes, as I woudl qualify for a few, but a levy on stupid people going to these crap airlines buying a ticket for a fiver then dolling out another £30 in taxes, the ability to pish, etc and then get treated like a cow in a cattle truck and still come away for it all chuffed with themsleves that they got a bargain.
  8. Will this apply to their staff?Some of them really do like their pies.
  9. Cav, edited as you are quite right, i would also qualify for a few, including the small breast tax :D
  10. Pay-per-seat would be a far better option, with allocation of a second seat waiting until the last minute before boarding. If there ain't a second seat available for your other cheek you can fuck off to the next flight, fatty. Why should anyone else have to wait to accommodate your lack of self-control?

    After all it's not as if getting places quickly is exactly at the core of your existence, fatty, so you can afford to wait. Don't like it? Have a Mars Bar or six to make yourself feel better.

    Just like you always do.
  11. No kick of the fat cnuts and the disabled who never chose to be that way can have a seat :D
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I would rather insert salt encrusted needles into my eyeballs than fly Ryanair......
  13. :clap:
  14. :clap: completely agree, more than once I have been known to row with the check in tw@ts about the extra few pounds of my luggage only to be squashed when I get on the plane by some lard arrsed fatty who probably weighs at least 10 stone more than me. I ask you, how is that fair?
    And that's not the only thing, one such beast actually had the nerve to accuse me of invading their personal space (I wasn't the one taking up one and a half seats, engulfing the arm rest in my mountains of lard) when I had the misfortune to come into physical contact with its sweatty (sp?) fat bags on its arms. They disgust me, honestly disgust me and also why should they get the aisle seat? Just so they can get up easier to attempt to squash themselves into the tiny toilet only to come back 5 minutes later unsuccessful because their vast piefilled stomachs won't fit in the cubical. Does my head in :x
  15. you can slag ryanair off but remember just how much it cost to fly with people like BA before the advent of these lo cost operators it was horrendous, i use them a fair bit to fly to various european destinations and yes the service is certainly basic but at the end of the day im getting there safetly generally on time and normally for very little money, as with most things you get what you pay i flew to vegas last year decided to treat myself flew business class with BMI, fantastic service but it cost me four times what it would have in cattle class, yer pays yer money etc
    ps quite agree with a fat tax, bastards wreck the seats, toilets, and make life a pain for the poor sod squeezed next to them