Ryanair in taking the p*ss shocker yet again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_matelot, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. .......yet people still keep on using Ryanair, myself included. Why, because they offer good value for money and a mainly punctual service. As for duty free good booze - in the intra-EU market it's now almost an irrelevance.

    Incidentally greed has nothing to do with it - he's attempting to shape behaviour to best suit his business model.
  2. I have flown Ryanair twice (well it was a return journey) and never again, for what started out as a cheap flight that cost less than a pint the entire return trip ended up costing me a bloody fortune. I was slightly over on my checked baggage, got charged about 24 euros each way, the food and drinks on the plane, a pizza which was about the size of a biscuits brown and cost a bloody fortune which is sh1te. Even the trolly dollys are mingers

    Since then I have flown scheduled flights and not had a problem, no holiday makers from the rough end of the council estate walking along with their clinking bottles of duty free, flight times run good, comfort and space even in economy class, decent snatch serving drinks and scoff, decent in flight movies. all this and for what cost extra - virtually fcukall when you weigh it all up!!

    SlEasy Jet are w@nk as well (only flown them once)
  3. You must have got them on a good day, virtually everybody I have spoken to that have used Ryan air have said they were a shower of sh1t!!
  4. You get what you pay for. His entire business model is about providing a minimal service and charging for extras. Its one way to make a profit, and he does it well.
  5. You get what you pay for. Enough said......
  6. Yes, but although I imagine you are an exceedingly popular chap, with many jolly friends and acquaintances, you know nowhere near the 55 million people who flew on Ryanair last year, many of who would be repeat business.

    Incidentally, Ryanair is set to increase passenger numbers - this in spite of the many surveys which rate it down the bottom of the airline popularity league.
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    No, I agree with p-a-w. Used them to fly between Charleroi (to go to SHAPE) and home. Very punctual indeed and got semi pissed at the airport first either way and brought my own food.

    As long as your hand luggage is fine then no nasty surprises await.

    Edit to add: and £47.00 return.
  8. ......and what, pray, are Ryanair flights if not scheduled?
  9. Extraordinary rendition?
  10. They do? I'm off to Italy with the missus in April. I'm flying with Lufthansa and the flight is costing £97 for the both of us. That includes all taxes, 15kg baggage each (ie 5 for me and 25 for her :roll: ) and inflight scran.

    To fly with Ryanair from Bristol on the same dates would cost a total of £169.0. Hardly what I would call good value for money. They charge £28.50 to check in at the airport with 1 bag. FFS, if I used my debit card to pay for both flights, they will charge £19.

    £19 to use my debit card to book 2 return flights-are they for real????

    Don't get me wrong-Ryanair used to be fantastic but now they're determined to bleed people so dry that it is more cost effective to fly with the airlines O'Leary set out to beat in the first place.
  11. They are cheap. Very often free and you pay the taxes so I go on lots of weekend trips at about 60 quid return to Spain for 2 of us. Just use hand luggage (quite generous sizes), never been delayed on Ryanair and don't buy food or drink on board. Last time I used BA (who have now stopped doing the route I want) it was 300 quid, the flight was 2 hours late AND you have to pay for food and drink on board. Only difference is the luggage but most airlines (Monarch, BMI, Easyjet as well as Ryanair) now charge for luggage. I can put up with them for 2 and half hours at the price and the punctuality. Only gripe is the dreadful charge for booking with debit or credit card but even that's free if you use electron. You get what you pay for. Also, IMO, BA long haul flights are disgustingly cramped and the service is terrible if you have to sit in cattle class.
  12. so they are popular despite being at the bottom of surveys?? Wah!!
  13. If you think this mob are bad, dont EVER use flyglobespan.

    Fcukin awfull :x
  14. OH got a return flight to Glasgow Prestwick from Stansted for £2, they wanted a £10 fee for using her card, but I used my old Visa Electron and heyho, no fees.