Ryanair emergency landing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Crying bar stools

    I can't believe the passengers are actually complaining about the outcome. Saying that the air crew never updated them on what was going on until the aircraft had dived to a safe 8000ft.

    Its because they were busy saving your lives you fcukwits.

    I swear people will do absolutely ANYTHING these days to claim hardship and win a penny or two for no effort on their own part.
  2. Better than some boring old film for enlivening a dull flight, I suppose.
  3. Exactly. Moaning fcukwits probably got a free return flight out of it anyways.

    Next time pilots should just mask in nine and leave the fcukers to cough to death!!!
  4. Just wait for the compensayshun claims.
  5. So, tin foil at the ready.

    Was this another ''trial'' of the new bit of kit that downed the plane at Heathrow recently?
  6. No doubt someone will be blamed and sued for "Attempt murder" :Roll:
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Makes you wonder why they don't add:

    "In the event of cabin de-pressurisation the plane will dive to 8,000 ft and you may or may not hear from the aeroplane staff while this is happening - place the oxygen mask over your nose and mouth and chose which child you love more, before placing one over their nose and mouth. You will not feel much air from the oxygen mask, but it is working."

    to the pre-flight brief.

  8. Standy By for the amendment. You know it is coming soon to a cabin near you!
  9. I'm just surprised to learn that Ryanair don't charge for the emergency O2...
  10. See my above post!!! :D
  11. I'm sure they'll make up for their oversight pronto.
  12. I couldn't believe that some gobshites were moaning that they weren't being kept up to speed with what was going on during an emergency. The pilots had to get their own masks on then go through a whole check list of procedures while looking for somewhere to divert to. They got the plane down pretty quickly and all that a few passengers had to complain about was some ear ache!
  13. Any truth in the rumour that the emergency vehicles that chased the plane down the runway, blue lights flashing, were in fact full of personal injury lawyers?

    (Have you been injured in a trip or fall? Are your knickers a write-off after your last flight with Ryanair? Call us now on 0800 .....)
  14. A pre-recorded message played when the masks are dropped might be of some merit. aside from that, some fcukwits want to take themselves outside and give themselves a firm talking to.