Ryanair are a bunch of cnuts. Discuss


Family member passed away. Dislike Ryanair with passion. Trying to book the ... cheapest... and it ain.t cheap tickets and then this...

[h=1]Error - Your session has been locked[/h]We are experiencing some difficulties with the website. Please wait 10 seconds and if you are not redirected back click here.
If you have already submitted payment your new reservation or flight change MAY have been confirmed.
Before starting again please firstly check your email account to see if you have received an email travel itinerary or alternatively you can check to see if your transaction processed by going to Manage Booking section of our website and completing the information required in Option 2.

Now waiting to log back on again and go through that cryptic quiz - wouldn.t mind so much if I could the feckin thing.

Tozzers. And that is before I mention the w**kers who work at Stansted for Ryanair.



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Ryanair, you get what you pay for. I use them all th time and they're ok if you have a survival plan. If you're an occasional or first time user then you're dead meat. Or a cash cow for their ridiculous prices. Same thing really.
I think your opening statement says it all. Would sooner walk than try and book a ticket with any of the Mickey Mouse airlines! By the time you've paid the "extras" that are inclusive with professional airlines and discovered that their cabin baggage is smaller than anyone else's and paid £40 for their compliant bag, might as well booked a scheduled flight with a major carrier!

Won't go into the cost of not "checking in on-line"!
65€ return? My, that’s a good deal.
Would sir like to sit?
Do I have a choice?
OK, I’ll sit in the most cramped seat with the ridiculously fat twat taking up 50% of my seat and 300% of my baggage allowance.
That’ll be another 150€
Are you paying by credit card?
Do I have a choice?
Then yes.
That’ll be 20€
Are you planning on breathing?
There, managed some discussion.
Flying into Graz last year, checked in bag went missing from baggage claim. My mate nipped outside to have a look whilst I was checking everybody inside. He found an 'Oirish' family with 3 times as many bags as persons waiting by the bus stop with my bag and a few others that weren't theirs.

Most other affected passengers were assuming the bags had been lost/delayed by the handlers.

Turns out the scam was a family would book on the 1p per flight deals, check-in outbound with no baggage, check-in inbound with hand luggage containing the valuables from whatever could be gotten from the carousel.

They're not called pikey-air for nothing.


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Book early (I appreciate Kromeriz doesn't have that luxury). Book a reserved seat (and get either the front row or the emergency exits). If the flight you're on doesn't do Reserved do Priority boarding. Take only hand luggage and obey the rules on size and single bag. Buy a bottle of water and a Kitkat before you board. Get into comfy-ish seat with extra legroom that you've booked. Sleep. Repeat on return journey. Have a good book and a relaxed attitude for any delays. Have a pretty girl to have dinner with on arrival in destination.
I point blank refuse to fly with these *******, drives my doris nuts. OP should have started a poll!
Ryanair customers. People who expect champagne service for lemonade prices, Discuss!


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If ryanaire was the last arline standing i would never fly again they ate a set of fuckwits
I make it a rule to never fly with cannibals. How can you be sure that the victims were fuckwits though?
Ryanair customers. People who expect champagne service for lemonade prices, Discuss!
That's the power of marketing, lies and spin. Most times I've compared, they're not the cheapest. The other budget airlines are pretty bad but at least they don't have the same naked contempt for their customers.
Never had a prob with EasyJet, though heard horror stories from others. Heard almost exclusively horror stories ref. RyanAir.

Anyway ... as you may be in need of a giggle ...

See, this is where people who slag BA off get their comeuppance. If you buy a ticket on BA, you will pay for it up front. If you fly often enough with them, they'll invite you into their lounge. It's a world away from East-*******-Midlands-Chavport and the shitty airlines that infest that place.

If one of their planes goes tits, there's plenty more they can rebook you on, or send another plane to go and get the passengers off the broken plane. They're fighting their internal labour structures, years of ingrained trade-unionism don't just disappear overnight. However, they are a "what you see is what you get" deal.

The same could be said for all the major airlines, but the UK only has one. Well, one and a half if you count Virgin. But their route network and partnerships limits them.

Ryanair? **** that. I'd rather drive.
Try getting BA from Ostrava...
Will probably drive now

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