RyanAir and 30l Daysacks

At the airport last year, some little Hitler was making everyone put their hand baggage in the metal 'see if it fits' cage thingy. A bloke just ahead of me was getting gip because his bag didn't fit, so he jumped on it till it did. Cue handle, wheels etc flying everywhere, and one very pissed off looking Ryanair employee.

Funny though, and she didn't bother asking anyone else to prove their bags fitted.
I'd check the back of your headboard for an EM sticker. He's clearly been at her when you've been out one day.:D

I've seen people smashing the utter shit out of their luggage to fit it into the test rack at the gate. Hilarious.

The trick is not to buy anything with even a semi rigid body. I swear by Cabin Max bags. Carries a fuckton of kit and you can smash it down to fit any space.
I second that suggestion. I use them for work now too as they are so spacious. Can fit my work stuff, swimming gear and my books.


All passengers are entitled to bring 1 small personal bag on board which must fit under the seat in front of you
What's wrong with the overhead bins - or has O'Leary done away with those too to save a few quid?

I guess the people enjoying the extra legroom of the exit rows don't get to take a carry-on with them, then?


For the benefit of future people finding this thread - I packed the daysack as tightly as I could but upon measuring it at home - after much squeezing - there was no way it was going to meet the dimensions for carry-on described by RyanAir's website.

I took it to the airport anyway, saw the luggage sizer thing at the gate and realised it was even smaller than what I was previously aspiring to squash my bag down to. It's super puny.

I then got on the plane with no bother. They didn't check - if it looks like a rucksack then they weren't really arsed. The only people getting hassled at the gate seemed to be people with rigid mini-suitcases.

As long as you aren't bringing a 120l bergen odds are you'll get away with it, but don't sue me if they charge you :p
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