Ryan Giggs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tinman74, May 22, 2011.

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  1. cracking footballer,

    I wonder how many mods had heart attacks at the title?

  2. Well done bellend - fuck off you dull kunt!
  3. I don't get it ?
  4. He's trying to be funny about a Welsh Footballer and so no mark slapper. He's a very dull kunt.
  5. To the hole!

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  6. Apparently he one of the "named" in the super injunction shite that is plastered everywhere.
  7. I was joking.
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  8. What a fucking scoop!
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  9. A bit slow i know, but i dont normally read papers or listen to the news bores the fuck out of me. Oh well.

    Oh and for just coming out with it and not beating around the bush, he was the one who decided to place his sheep poo covered penis into a attention seaking media willy bucket. If indeed he did. :)
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  10. I admire Ryan Giggs, both as a prestigious Premier League footballer with a leading club, and as a family man.
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  11. Sounds like you'll be a valuable asset to the Army. Best of luck.
  12. Didnt know reading the sun was admired as an "asset" to soldiering. Best i grab a copy and pack that too then.
  13. If you think the Sun is the be-all & end-all where news is concerned, maybe you should have a word with yourself!
  14. That was a WAH, for those of you who think that a WAH is a shit wind up pretending to be someone else on the interweb, it's not.
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  15. Not at all cant stand the paper, or any for that matter. I look eslewhere for the important stuff, it's easier than sifting through the pages and pages of the only way is essex shit to find something worth a mention. Im digging myself in a hole now, brillaint.