Ryan Giggs does a runner !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. Well he isn't going to get very far is he? The first time someone moves within a foot of him he's going to fall over as if hit by a sniper and roll around on the floor.
  2. Emperor Mong, "******* Hell, Giggsie, your sister in law's a right slapper! She's gagging for it -get in there, my son!"

    Ryan Giggs, "Oh Dark Lord, that would mean betraying my wife and my brother. Are you sure?"

    Emperor Mong, "Trust me. I mean, what's the worst that can happen?":twisted:
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  3. I know I am an innocent in these matters, but my Book of Common Prayer states clearly at 'A Table of Kindred Affinity' that a man may not marry his brother's wife. Does this mean that neither may a man 'bonk' his brother's wife?

    PS: Oh! Giggs! That said, let the blameless caste the first stone!
  4. Wheres my throwing brick? Sleeping with your brothers wife when you're a multi-millionaire who could shag every slapper in the country is just wrong. Still Christmas at the Gigg's should be a chuckle this year :)
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  5. There should be a banning rule for anyone that starts threads about poontang but does not include pics of any kind.

  6. Reckon he has far too much time on his hands -- is he still a footballer or a dick that allows the rest of his anatomy to play football sometimes.
  7. More to come??????
  8. i wouldnt have a problem with giggs shagging my wife if it meant the miserable she hag would get off my back for a while.
  9. He's Welsh....he's Red...he's in his Brothers Bed!!
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  10. He's not
    You clot
    Its what his grandma said ( play for Wales, that is...)
  11. If Mr Giggs hadn't put in his super injunction, then people like me who care not a jot about football wouldn't be interested.

    Wayne Rooney porked some granny, and is now being lauded in the papers for having a hair transplant.

    Mr Giggs has paid hundreds of thousands to legal types, who can't even do what they claimed they can. If a second hand car dealer behaved like that, they would be facing all sort of fraud charges. I'm sure the legal trade would be embarrassed by this...Oh Mrs Blair is 'looking for business, darlin?' under the laws bought in by her husband.

    Money talks, bullshit walks.
  12. Why, is your arrse sore?
  13. Rooney's hair plugs Twitter fans into new world of image management | Football | The Guardian

    Rooney's hair transplant - Dear oh dear...

    What happened to good old fashioned footballers with comb overs

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  14. So what did Gigg's lawyer say to the judge to gain the injunction?

    Methinks that someone was not telling all of the story.