Ryan Air spoof

Proper funny. "What the fuck do you want now?" Quality.
Oh that is one of the funniest things I've seen for a long time!

I really like the wit of the Fascinating Aida one, but this one had me breathless with laughing!

Thank you very much for posting it!


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Asbolutely superb.
Funny as f--- . Quality .


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Saw that earlier this week. Now, from the boy himself.... Inside View from Ireland: Straight-talking Michael O'Leary

This week, FT asked O'Leary what Ryanair was doing about the demands the Belgian authorities have made for the return of €3.5m in subsidies received by the airline. "We have written back to say fuck off."

Fecking funny!
Brightened my afternoon too prior to budget review (living the dream or what!)
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