Ryan Air ejects blind people from planes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/norfolk/4337162.stm

    this made me fume, it does seem callous and they also seemed to have forgotten the Disabiliy discrimination act.

    similar thing happened when a group of deaf people got ejected from an easy jet flight , they were successfully sued, i have actually met a member of that group, what he told is quite appalling.
    they won £500 and a free flight but it doesnt take away the humiliation of being dragged off the plane in front of a load of passengers.


    when are they going to learn ?
  2. Cracking title though
  3. Did they have to go down the slides? How did the guide dogs manage?
  4. Didn't know Ryanair's Old 737 Museum had ejection seats..
  5. Just what the pherk is the matter with people like you? Get a grip, man!

  6. Just worried about their claws. Who would be faster anyway - dog or handler?
  7. Up until relatively recently it was a legal requirement that passengers on airline flights be able to walk a certain distance unaided (can't remember what the distance was) and be able to demonstrate same if required.
  8. OK, an unpleasant experience for the group, but surely a big part of the blame has to lie with the person leading them....

    So, they board, the plane has difficulties, forced landing and catches fire. Do you really want to be one of the passengers stuck behind 6 blind people with no guide who are trying to find their way to an emergency exit?

    Discrimination or valid flight safety issue? Either way, if Mrs Hurst had been more switched on to the fact that they MAY need assistance, I'm sure the airline would have advised her at the time of booking.
  9. Why didn’t they just tell those blind people that they had already arrived in Italy???
    They’re blind, they wouldn’t have known!!!!

    Stewardess: “Off you get Mr. X, the leaning tower of Pisa is just over there to your right”
    Blind person: “Where??? Hey aren’t we still in England??”
    Stewardess: “Noooo…..” * Stewardess walks away silently*
    Blind person: “Hello? Hello??? Hey where did you go?”
  10. a valid point , perhaps they would have allowed 4 which is the legal maximum to stay on and put the others up for the night or on the next flight with tea and biscuit as a goodwill gesture.
    available flight, the travel agents should also have pointed that out as amtter of course before booking.

    to them ALL out is stupid and very bad PR.

    Deaf is something else, they can get up and walk to the exit if needed. follow the light strip on the floor.
  11. This is an urban myth. Airlines carry many passengers who are completely unable to walk, including stretcher patients. There is a requirement for such individuals to be escorted, so that they can be assisted in the event of an aircraft emergency, and they have to be seated so that no obstruction is caused to evacuation routes (so full leg POPs get 3 seats, for example, and disabled people should not be seated near over-wing emergency exits).

    Ryanair's absence of customer service is legendary, so their appalling treatment of a blind passenger comes as no surprise.
  12. Sorry but I don't see what all the fuss is about.

    Ryan air has a rule that they will only carry 4 "differently abled" people per flight.

    This group broke that rule. Why are you all so surprised that they were made to get off?

    Ryan air is a private company they can make any rule they like if they can prove it is in the interests of saftey.

    Plus if you want a flight for next to nothing then you get what you pay for in terms of passenger service.

    The blame if there is any should be put on the group organiser and possibly the travel agent.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I heard a Ryanair spokesman on the radio yesterday saying that safety regulations required that they could only take four 'mobility restricted' people per flight without making special arrangements, which they would have done had they known that this group were blind/visually handicapped. He was pretty dismissive about the idea of compensation or apologies.

    Couldn't agree more about the Ryanair customer service record though. I heard a funny gag the other day contrasting Pan Am's 'I'm Mandy, fly me...' ads from the 70's with the Modern Ryanair version: 'I'm Mandy, sit down, shut the fück up, get your seat belt on... and if you want a sandwich and a coffee that'll be six pounds or twenty seven euros...'.
  14. Should have flown crab air .... they fly a plane load of mongs dressed in camo with only slight grumpiness :)

    I know I was that mong .... after flying some civie airlines I wish sometimes for the simplicity of crab air :)

  15. There are no circumstances in which I would want to be flown Crab Air if there was an alternative...