RY to be disbanded in 6 months - but where will your Squadron go?.........

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shootingbates, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. With the SDR (TA) concluding in six months and highly likely to say that all TA units should be sub units of a regular regiment to promote greater compatibility/raise standards etc it is highly likely the Royal Yeomanry will be dismantled and squadrons parcelled out between other regiments.

    So place your bets, what cap badge will you be wearing in 6 months?

    I predict my own 'B' Sqn RY to become 'D' Sqn 9th/12th Royal Lancers


    PS: No I don't need proof because this is a 'Rumour' service - lol
  2. I've got to be honest and say that I think that for the TA RAC regiments this is unlikely to happen. If you look how difficult it is to even pursuade TA RAC regiments to wear the same cap-badge accross squadrons, methinks that the old and bold will do everything to stand in the way of any losses of identity, regardless that that will inevitably mean that what is left will wither on the vine.

    My second point is that there would be no point in having a formed TA Sqn as a fourth or fifth Sqn in a Regular RAC regiment, unless it was accepted that it was effectively just a pool of manpower to be split between the other Sqns when the Regiment deployed on operations. My view is that a specific TA unit or sub-unit should not be tied to a specific regular one. The reason is that TA soldiers wil by their very nature be available for operations at different times and not always in synch with when the parent regular regiment is deploying. To my mind non-affiliated TA creates a pool of potential reinforcements which the Regular Army can draw from for operations. I think it would be unfair on the TA soldier to tell him (or her) that he could only deploy on this particular Op HERRICK not another one which may suit better from a personal or professional point of view.

    Are you proposing that the TA lose the regimental level of command? I think that this might be a little unpopular with the TA hierachy who seem to insist on having TA Commanding Officers.

    Oh and by the way, I wouldn't bet on becoming D Sqn 9/12L. If SDSR is being presented correctly, my read is that the two German based FR regiments will see their establishment increase to four Sqns (1x BRF, 2x FR & 1xC&S). Maybe E Sqn, but I am not that optimistic!
  3. Brave-coward, I think The Royal Yeomanry went to an across the sqns capbadge a few years ago, so it can be done.
  4. Especially as it will either be Rifles or Mercian
  5. Another onanistic thrapfest of speculative pish.

    "RY to be disbanded in 6 months" - you sound like a headline writer.

    I presume you have been briefed on the Army Q&A and other info about last week's SDSR announcements (a pile of documents were pushed out to all RY Sqns), so you must know that there is no decision of that sort and that there are many other potential outcomes: expansion (to take on more CBRN heavy kit, perhaps); no change; amalgamation of the 4 yeomanry regiments into 2 or even 1; change of role; etc.

    I guess you don't give a fck that self-serving fictions like the one you are peddling will reach the lads below you in rank and may make them look to other units (for no good reason), or jack in the TA entirely. As to amalgamation of B Sqn RY with QRL: suits you, but no more likely at this stage than any of the other options.

    Mods - pls lock the entire TA forum, as the threads on it are sucking the life-juice out of the entire Internet.
  6. Wholesale conversion into RA batteries?

  7. Are you on class A drugs?

    not you TT the author
  8. Oh , the 1939 approach and convert them all to anti-tank RA

    hum, further re-inventing of the wheel

    p.s. the Army Medicals Services trial this about 10 yrs ago, and now will be rolled out wholesale
    were it used to be an Independant TA Medical Sqn - they will be absorbed by a regular Medical Regiment, making every Medical Regiment consist of 3 Regular and one TA Sqns
  9. This depends on how you see the TA, as a pool of cheap reserves to support an undermanned regular army on interventionist operations [i.e. as the last Labour goverment did] or as a force to be deployed in time of major national emergency e.g. WWI/II as it was used for the previous 100 years. If you adopt the approach then I'd suggest that the 'independent' squadron is perfectly practicable.
  10. I don't think anyone has really defined what the TA is for. In the back of our minds is something we learned in the dim and distance past, maintaining a reserve to which 'be prepared' to tasks should be given. Also something about basis for regeneration.

    At the moment, the sole purpose of the Reserve is to support current operations, and/or to provide niche capabilities to Arms and Service Directors who don't want to waste 'real' soldiers - but would see over their dead bodies that capability being 'pinched' by another A&SD.

    The simple fact is that the role of the TA is limited by funding, and the limited imagination of those who oversee it organisationally. Look to the US National Guard to get an idea of what can really be achieved 'one weekend a month'.

    As to the specifics of the Yeomany (including lesser breeds of Regiments) pairing up with regular Regiments...wait for Army to return from Germany and Afgahnistan into a sustainable UK footprint, and it might just happen. But as to what its role might be by then...who knows!
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The TA could achieve the same on "one weekend a month", if only 95% of those on the books turned up for that weekend, month in, month out.

    Of course, they don't have to (unlike the National Guard), there is no requirement for their employers to release them for training (unlike the National Guard), and there are no punishments/loss of benefits at stake (unlike the National Guard).

    I wish everyone would stop comparing the TA to the NG. They are very, very different beasts, and it is not all about budget or imagination - it is about compulsion to train, attendance at regular "schools" of 6 weeks duration or more, and a very different culture of employer support. We don't have it, I doubt we have the political will (or budget) to set it in motion, and I doubt it would suit the needs of the majority of TA soldiers who appreciate the ability to pick and choose when they train or deploy.
  12. Of course - and that is my point.
    It may take a fundamental re-think of TACOS in order to change the very nature of the TA - which is in effect the strategic level of imagination that I'm talking about. Of course, compulsion to train is not just about the 'stick' of TACOS - its also about the carrot of feeling part of something worthwhile, not just an unfunded branch of Office Angels in green, pretending to be something we're not.
    The alternative is a gradual slide into irrelevance, which will be all the more pronounced once we return from AFG.
  13. Feck me Dr E; I was going to say Chill; but then, on reflection, decided that you're on the nail...
  14. Triple A?!?
  15. Well its good to see some healthy conjecture still remains within our Corps.

    Of course there are those who simply believe what they are told ; chain of command etc etc (rah rah pass the claret :p ) , but I think its clear that having TA units as loosely attached incomparable appendages to the regular army is not a pathway to a successful reserve.