RY - Officer

Good morning,

I'm hoping to apply to the Army reserves soon and I have chatted with an Army careers advisor who suggested that I apply via the officer route due to my education and qualifications.

I have been doing some research on the Signals and this is currently a top option for me..
However, I've come across the RY page and I'm really interested in what they do/the opportunities within the RY.

I just wanted to ask if it possible to join the RY as a reserve officer, or could someone advise me on whether it would be worth it to join as a soldier reservist?

Also, does anyone have any experience/ knowledge/ background within the RY and could shed some light on training or what life is like in the RY ?

Any help would be much appreciated
If you want to be a Reservist the best thing to do is contact the local units to you that you are thinking of joining and go along to a training evening to see what you think.

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