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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BIGBAPS, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Anyone here belong to/had experience with above unit?
    Good bunch?
    I'm thinking of jumping ship as my Tp is going to the dogs after losing several experienced people.
    I also recently I had an epiphany sat in the back of an FFR, that actually, I really hate pissing around with radio's
  2. check your PMs
  3. I presume you're in a Signals Unit and judging by your location I can pretty much guess which one. Why not have a chat with your Tp Sgt or Tp Comd and let them know how you feel. If several experienced people have left them there must be opportunities for you to get more experience and try other things. Incidentally I know people at RY C Sqn thinking of going the other way so do a quick colour check of the grass before you make any decisions.
  4. Be careful - as a relative newbie you'd be pushed into Signals Phase 1&2 as part of your career path (you can't get to Lance Jack without) which will entail sitting in the back of an FFR plugged into a 353 at some point.

    That said one of the other first things you do is LR familiarisation - certainly jungled my bells a few weekends in a driving on convoy lights cross-country over Salisbury Plain at dark o'clock.

    Gotta ask yourself - signals vs formation reconnaissance/CBRN reconnaisance.

    I know which way I decided.
  5. There're more than just the Yeomanry and Signals within distance of Croydon - RLC have two units close by, Engineers are a couple of miles away, and Redhill has REME.

    Further into London and you have Infantry.

    Worth looking before you leap, and deciding the type of job you want to do with your new unit. Then look at your current unit and see if you can retrade to that role in-house.

    It's also worth bearing in mind in these MATT days, you're going to spend a lot more time on the basics of soldiering, so your unit job might be taking a backseat.
  6. LOL @ Sitting Duck... You make such a fair comparison...

    "Gotta ask yourself - signals vs formation reconnaissance/CBRN reconnaisance."

    How about...

    "A real chance of doing your job in a high pressure UK Ops scenario vs Combat Car wash and driving round SPTA in a LR shouting BANG! really loudly for your Tp Comd..."


  7. I'm pretty sure the WD might argue with you there...

    Mildly edited so as not to seem a bite...
  8. Hold on, BIGBAPS (great name, by the way - conjures up images of Sarah Beeny and Kirsty Allsop ... together): if your sigs skills are at Basic Signaller level or above, there might be mileage in seeking exemption from Sigs Ph1 and 2. Ask the good folk at C Sqn.
  9. Not really a fair comparison is it, comparing a possible ops role for sigs with a 2002 FTX for the RY (when we all had different roles so a regtl FTX was always a fudge)?

    RY on CCRF ops: eventually a CBRN role, I hope! At the moment the same as 90% of everyone else, manning cordons.

    RY on other ops: On the Telics I know about, the RY has worked as an RY squadron, an RY troop and as IRs in cav units, also one chap at the moment working as an RN lynx door gunner!

    Sigs training: no idea but sounds like setting up masts and attempting to make blue light services see how important the army is (happy to be corrected)

    RY training (in June and July, even before the new post FAS training kicks in): OPs, CTRs, patrolling and the chance to wear rubber occasionally for CBRN recce stuff (decon seems to have disappeared at the moment).

    There are of course people in some squadrons who are fcuked off about the CR2 role disappearing from RY which I can understand. However, I like CBRN (not just because of the opportunity get sweaty in a ressie) and combined with the recce stuff, I reckon it’s a good chance to do some rewarding (e.g. hard) training in the field, which is what I joined for.

    Guess its up to you.
  10. The RY has lost the decontamination role as it has been inserted into all NBC Regt Sqns on a do it yourself basis. I believe they have been re-roled into CBRN recce, so there is no "Combat Car wash" comparison to be made.
  11. Ok, I'll have to bite and ask... the CBRN recce role is what I've been informed the RY's new post FAS role will be... however no-one can quite tell me what this means. The best info I've had so far is "we'll be doing FR and have more than the average units level of CBRN training". Is this about the sum of it?
  12. :plotting: Hmmm, was told that the WD's were the way forward for those living in London, anyone shed any light on this?

    I can barely see the grass on the other side, let alone decide what colour it is!!!

  13. Check out www.westminsterdragoons.co.uk and decide for yourself. The grass, dear boy, is ecclesiastical purple.
  14. Ah, dear boy!

    I thought unofficial squadron websites were non gratis in the current climate of regimental love and unity!

    Or was that instruction only encoded in the shire key setting? :wink:

    Perhaps we should guide our friend here? W Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry. Black Beret Removed. TM