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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Y_Delyn, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. Y_Delyn

    Y_Delyn Old-Salt

    Hi, anyone know about a new platoon setting up in Aberystwyth. Iv heard its in the pipeline but no one iv asked has any details.

    Im residing in Aber for a few more years and would like to join as an TAPO/TASO if it starts up.

    And Im guessing it'l be RWF capbadged, the aber TAC is littered with RWF memerobeilia. Is this a good assumption?
  2. Hantslad

    Hantslad Old-Salt

    I am ex 3RWF from Aberystwyth. I was there when we got taken over by the medics. Apparently the infantry are coming back. It will be RWR and I imagine it will be the RWF side of RWR.

    The lads in the TA centre are generally a good bunch, why dont you pop down and have a chat with them or pm me.
  3. I've also heard that said regiment are re-establishing a presence in aber.

    I'll look in to it and get back to you, as I'm considering moving to Aber this summer
  4. Hantslad

    Hantslad Old-Salt

    Aberystwyth is a lovely place
  5. copper_knobblet

    copper_knobblet Old-Salt

    I believe they are looking to start recruiting in September as they want to scoop up lots of students. I believe an SNCO has been appointed for the platoon.

    Last I heard it would be a rifle platoon from A Company which is RRW I believe.

    But pretty certain its definately going ahead now.
  6. A Coy is RWF and is currently the regiments support coy

    D coy is the other RWF coy and is currently a rifle coy so it would probaly become part of them

    p.s the site is worth checking just for this pic......


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  8. Tubbyboy

    Tubbyboy War Hero

    That man is a legend. He can spot a photo opportunity from half a mile away and he always seems to be surrounded by totty. He even has a pub named after him (well, sort of). Absolute star!
  9. Hattie_Jacques

    Hattie_Jacques Old-Salt

    And its only 140 miles from Cardiff! :D


  11. Y_Delyn

    Y_Delyn Old-Salt

    It should be a good unit. The Platoon Commander is ex reg Para and one top bloke. I shall be comin down when Im back in Aber tho mite put off joining TA proper until Uni's finished and join the boys from Wrexham.
    See you all in October
  12. recce-cpl

    recce-cpl Crow

    Its good on the lash in Aber . Went there on a rugby tour once the whole team pulled .


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