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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by copper_knobblet, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking into transferring to the RWR at Aber. I asked and was told that the platoon will be a B Coy one from Swansea.

    There might be a few here in the unit concerned and was just wondering how you got along. I'm trying to glean as much info from as many sources as I can before I make any decision.

    I've already spoken to the RSM on the phone a while back when it was all rumours and heresay. I know most of the unit is on camp at the moment but I'm doing this Three Peaks Challenge thingy so won't be back until after the weekend anyway.

  2. AFAIK, the Aber Company is not going to be fully formed until September/October time; thats according to the RWR website anyway.


  3. Not B coy - Recce platoon in HQ coy.

    Platoon Commander is a guy I know. Top Bloke
  4. Is that Nile?
  5. Freddy - Check your pm's!

    In the words of an Infantry God - You can't handle the truth!


  6. Could you check your PMs? Thanks!
  7. No-one mentioned recce pln. The TA are losing them!!!!. The truth re Aber is out there. Just ask or PM here:-
  8. TA arn't losing recce ptns, as i understand it ours is going to D coy. Although it won't be a recce ptn it will be a 'patrols' ptn
  9. Aberystwth will be a detachment (not yet a Pl) within B Coy, based in Swansea. It will be a rifle det, not recce, and will drill on a wednesday night to allow sharing of admin staff with Swansea (who drill on a tuesday.) It is officially opening on the 5th of October, and there will be a series of Open nights between now and then, starting on wednesday the 31st of August. The det will be looking for volunteers at all levels, and in particular Junior NCO's. If anyone is interested, the number for B Coy is 01792 450120. If anyone has any queries please post or IM me.
  10. tis certainly interesting to see how the rumour mill works - even from this one thread. tis quite interesting to see how wrong people are at the beginning (no offence y_delyn :D)

    the truth will out eventually - always does
  11. How is this unit going, nearly a year on? I'm particularly interested in joining. I have no previous military experience, I'm just bored and need a challenge, and possibly a career change.

    I saw a few weeks back the posters outside the police station for recruitment, have they now stopped?

    If anyone can give me the lowdown on what the unit does that would be peaches. Numbers I'm sure I can find for myself. is out of date as far as I can tell.


    Edited to add: I discovered that this is a medical unit (!) and I have no intention of going into a medical trade.

    As a general question then, if I was to join the RWR TA as a soldier, would I be commuting to at least as far as Swansea? My background is in IT, but as far as I can tell that would be a unit in Wiltshire.
  12. 3 royal welsh have a platoon in aberystwyth, which is part of b company (swansea). the platoon is a good mix of students from the university, some tasos and some locals as well.
    they parade on a weds night in aberystwyth, so the best bet is to pop down and have a chat with the boss, there are places available within the unit and the best source of info is the platoon boss himself.

    we are a detachment of swansea so any pressing admin matters/medicals/ and other problems get directed there, although most can be sorted out at aberystwyth.

    aberystwyth did indeed have 203 field hospital as well but due to reduction in numbers and lack of recruitment this unit has virtually closed.
  13. In the good old days we had a full recce platoon and an int section from the old 3 RWF. The the idiotic SDR changed us into 203 Field Hospital and loads of people left. 203 wouldn't let us recruit students to be CMTs (students were the biggest number of new recruits in the old 3 RWF days)

    Surprise surprise the doctors and nurses from Bronglais hospital couldn't be convinced to join in sufficient numbers, so the unit started to die.

    Then after a massive reinvention of the wheel TA Infantry is suddenly the flavour of the month again (all those force protection jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan that need filling!)

    Im sure it will take some time to get the new Aber platoon up to a similar strength to the good old days, but hopefully it will sort its self out in the long run.