Discussion in 'ACF' started by Cymru_am_Byth, May 13, 2006.

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  1. Just saw loads of the scruffy buggers collecting for the RSPCA in a local town. Are they rebadging to R Welsh?

    (I was an Air Cadet and we were always tidy, especially in public, but from from I've just seen of the ACF they don't have the same idea. Smocks undone etc, perhaps I only saw a small unrepresentitive view of the ACF.)
  2. Yes they are. In fact I'm surprised they haven't yet - perhaps just a supply chain issue?

    In answer to your 'small print', I think you did see a small unrepresentative sample. The majority of cadets are 'army barmy' and put a lot of effort into their kit.
  3. They should all be rebadged by the end of the summer. You are right HPF, it is a supply chain issue. I've decided to go regular to sidestep having to change my beret! :)

    Harry Flashman is one of my guilty pleasures, I would definitely invite him (the fictional character) to my "if you could invite anyone, alive or dead etc" dinner party. Just thought I would mention it!
  4. Let me know which town it was and I'll chase it up
  5. Is it fcuk a supply problem, I cant see us re-badging to the rifles.....ever. The regiment seem to have said that as well.