RWC Prankster - Well done or waster?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by still21inmymind, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Good on you, initiative shown.

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  2. Waster, obviously getting too much in benefits

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  2. Good drills! Thank god he wasn't a scouser!
  3. Well done that man (closest thing in an England shirt got to lifting it ha ha! Oh flower of Scotland, when will we see....)
  4. At a nock down price of £1500 quid per ticket, this man was able to attend the cup final. What do you think he does for a living? £85 pw certainly doesn't pay for it.

  5. He should have been allowed a 10 metre head start and then the muppet should've been pointed out to the Saffers......
  6. Fair play to him, muppet security for letting him get through in the first place.
  7. According to the link that guy is unemployed. If he is living on benefits and can afford to go to the world cup final he should be investigated for fraud.
  8. No, He is a kunt. If we had won and he had been a saffer that's what we would be saying. So a kunt, is a kunt, is a kunt.
    I have noticed of late that there has been a slight change in 'rugby fan', it is recent and perhaps temporary, but none -the -less it worries me. I dont mean the average type that you get at the 'shed' each weekend, but the increasing number of morons walking though town carrying cans of wife beater singing adapted soccer chants and being a pain in the ass. I hope, now that the world cup is over, that they exchange their England Rugby shirts for their (insert soccer team name) home strip. I can only imagine that this pillock is one of them, not one of us.
    Football, a game for gentlemen played by hooligans.
    Rugby, a game for hooligans played by gentlemen.
  9. A Kunt. And an embarrassing, unfunny, unemployed, northern, speccy kunt at that.
  10. What happened to the bod that ran on in the second half ?. Prison ??
  11. Hear hear well said!!!

    He is definitely a kunt, should be shot with all the other football inspired chav scum. A true rugby fan would not have even dreamt of doing such an embarrassing thing. We lost, the better team one that’s all there is to it, he should have accepted it, tw@t!
  12. Thay shoul dhave let him run and then let the likes of Sarkey, Robinson and Habana see if they can chase him down and smash him good and proper.

    Having some of those lads put a big tackle in would discourge anyone from trying it again.
  14. I agree totaly with your comments, though as a Bristol fan, I would have to argue that the shed has always been full of nutters. Proper rugby nutters though.
    I'll bet the Manc cnut was also whinging like a footballer over the TMO decision aswell.
  15. Kunt. Ugly one at that. And a serious A Class Walt.