RWC 2011 Knock-out stage PREDICTIONS

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Count Baton, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. I know there's already a well-used Rugby World Cup 2011 thread out there, but I just wanted to do a thread whereby you could predict a score and comment why.

    I guess I don't just want a thread that descends into "Was Matt Damon South Africa's greatest captain?" and the likes.
  2. Ahh, but was he? I thought he was pretty good.
  3. For me, goodness it's going to be close and amazing.

    I feel that France may just pull themselves together and beat England tomorrow, don't know why, I just feel it. Of course if they don't, and England play well then it could be a 30+ points win for England.
    Predict: England 17-22 France.

    Clash of the weekend for me is Celtic Ireland-Wales. I love these team's matches, but this is a biggie, RWC Quarter Finals! Both sides are absolutely staggering in form at the moment, but I feel that Ireland have the edge with experience and still the feelings after beating Australia already. But it will be mighty close.
    Predict: Ireland 27 - 25 Wales

    South Africa and Australia meet in this epic encounter, for the Southern Hemisphere it's their biggie of the tournament so far. South Africa are in brilliant form, and so are Australia so it is going to be a great match. I do feel though that Australia are more dynamic and with a tri-nations champions tag they will win this one.
    Predict: South Africa 22 - 27 Australia

    The least glossy tie of the Weekend will show New Zealand attempt to march into the Semi Finals for the first time in 8 years. They are in wonderful form, but being without Dan Carter will be a blow to them. Argentina do like to spring surprises, but not this time. New Zealand are just to good.
    Predict: New Zealand 36 - 12 Argentina

    I don't need to say how great these four matches are going to be. I'm going to be getting up early tomorrow to watch the first two. That's if I'm going to get to sleep tonight!
  4. Wales will beat Ireland tomorrow......I felt a disturbance in the force.
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  5. Yeah he was a good.

    What the... Hey!.. Did someone say off topic?
  6. I must say that as an England fan I obviously want England to do as well as they can. But as a RUGBY fan I would say the team I most want to see in the final is Wales. They really might be able to do it. Maybe, just maybe.
  7. I reckon it's about 18 mins before The_Guru comes in crying like well slapped ginger step-child about your obvious lack of support for the almighty most amazingest England squad of all time.
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  8. Being a Scotsman, I'm even amazed at myself, but I would like to see the English beat the Frogs. Considering how England have played, its doubtful so i reckon France 15 - England 9. The Ireland - Wales game will be epic. I think it's going to be hard fought and although I do like both teams immensly, I'd love to see Wales go all the way.
  9. Predictions: England (sadly and to the detriment of rugby); Ireland (sadly 'coz I am Welsh); South Africa (anyone but Australia); New Zealand.

    Oh please, please let me be wrong - just this once!! :)
  10. I predict England will beat France. (Lets face it; we've played pretty shite so far but we've still managed to win.) France just seem all over the place at the moment - I'm hoping for a good game but it'll probably be shite!

    Wales v Ireland. Ireland to win sending those dirty cave dwelling feckers back home! :)

    South Africa v Australia will be a 0 - 0 draw and the winner will be decided on the flip of a coin.

    New Zealand will beat Argentina but get loads of injuries during the game.
  11. Wales to beat Ireland, hard game up front, Ireland penalised at the break down for being spoiling bastards. When the Welsh backs are released, tries to flow.

    England v. France. A giant turd of a game. Neither team playing well, a slugfest up front, with the backs quietly doing their nails waiting for the final whistle. Could go either way, but France to win, purely to annoy The_Guru.

    S.Africa v. Australia. Should be a good game. But S.Africa to edge it with their more powerful team.

    N.Zealand v. Argentina. All Blacks win.
  12. winners:

    Aussies v Saffas - hard to call but aussies to just pull it off
    NZ although not by as a big a margin as all would expect.

    Should have kept this in the larger thread, makes my life more difficult monitoring both threads now!
  13. England - France Expect England to edge it. Won't be pretty but France seem to have self destructed.

    Ireland -Wales. Ireland if only to keep my father in law in his place.

    Australia - South Africa. I hate to say it but I think Australia. Much as I want the Boks to win I reckon they will revert to type and kick long pointless kicks deep. The Aussie backs should be able to capitalise. Shit.

    New Zealand - Argentina. Please let it be Argentina. Only because the bleating afterwards will be something to gladden the heart and allow for at least 4 years of pisstaking whenever you encounter a kiwi on your travels.
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor


    Semis - England to beat Ireland
    NZ to beat Oz (just)

    Final - so much will depend on the standard of referee/line judges, plus which kicker is more on form. I think NZ will be stronger of the two teams.