Books to big,not wanting to read. but the movie has some touch downs to the book, one of canadas leading mistakes in military life.

Cheers 2cb
Met Gen. Dallaire on more than one occasion and heard him speak of his experiences in Africa and the high level of frustration he felt/had over the limitations and other restriction imposed on him by the UN [ really Bill Clinton's administration ] in responding to the situation..
A very bitter man much burdened by what he could have done if allowed to exercise his military assessment/judgement and not been ' managed' by the wimps back at the UN who ' saw the big picture ' [ i.e. its only Africa ]...

His book is a ' must' for most shelves, for sure...
ABC Foreign Correspondent programme on 05/04/05

Hotel Rwanda

had a documentary segment about Dallaire and the movie 'Hotel Rwanda' which is based on the time Dallaire was in command there. From what they said on FC the man himself is considered a Canadian national treasure and one of the most popular figures in Canada and the portrayal of said General, as weak and indecisive, was not well received by Canadians. The man himself said he did not wish to comment about the film but preferred instead to look on it as an opportunity to raise awareness re Dafur and other ongoing genocide situations around the world.

I was extremely impressed by him during the piece. He seems very passionate and dedicated and his honesty about his PTSD and what it has done to him was moving.

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