Rwanda- First country certified landmine free


Sorry, couldn't resist.

If this is genuinely true, that's an amazing achievement. Perhaps the farmers can get back to their livelihood now - providing the government doesn't sell off all the newly cleared land for development.
polar69 said:
I especially like the guys at the front. After losing that many legs you would think they would have quit by now.
Does that mean the FCO will start sending them more of our money?
Don't believe all you read. MOST of the mines may have gone but I spent some months on the Rwanda/Burundi/DRC interface less than 3 years ago and the farmers know not to jump into ditches and drainage/run off areas. Big Hand that they have cleared almost all the mines, but that area will never be completely safe and you take your own life in your hands if you stray off the path (does that sound like a line from American werewolf in London?) Anyhows: well done them, visitors to the Parc de Volcans and the Diane Fosse Gorillas will increase much needed revenue. It is a really quite unique and fantastic area: "SHE" and "King Solomons Mines" could have been set there. Let's hope the Hutus and Tutsis don't want to ever live together again in these cleared areas or the genocide (which is simmering under the surface) will break out again. Canadian generals need not apply for command of the UN force.................
There was a story on our local news last night.A firm from Essex has gone to the Falkland Islands to clear the mines.They reckon it will take ten years.
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