Rwanda drops French as official language

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. An interesting shift in geopolitics if true.

    More here
  2. In Rwanda a lot of the do speak English already. It appears that the country was never a strickty francophone one, but has always been more mixed.
  3. Actually, they are just dropping it from the Schools... I should read the piece before posting


    However, this seems to be a bit of a kick in the soft parts for France.
    I have nothing against the French, but I imagine of the inevitable wailing and gnashing of teeth would be the same over here if some ex-colony changed their language away from English?
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

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    Oh, I don't know. We didn't mind too much when the Americans did.
  5. BiscuitsAB

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    Nice !
  6. Boom Tish!
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    We may have given up our empire, but our culture and language still rules the world!
  8. Is it at all possible that this may be a subtle revenge for France's somewhat dubious approach to Rwanda's internal affairs pre collapse with France alleged to have supplied the Hutu and was still meddling in Rwanda in 2007.......?

    Having a quick look on the web suggests that the Tutsi now loathe, detest and despise the french..............

    Poor France..... :D
  9. Does that make the BNP Tutsis? :twisted:
  10. I do so wish I had said that :D
  11. A sudden thought crossed my mind......If the British Police is aware of any members of the French Civil Service, Armed Forces or Government having enaged in activity that aided or abetted geniocide......Should they nick em...? I'm asking as it appears quite legal to now nick foreigners for comitting various crimes in other parts of the world

    And another point...If the Police are aware of any member of HM's Government who has knowledge of any activity by said French that aided or abetted said genocide and did not report their information to the police, Can they be niced as well?
  12. English is the main language of the world, so.........
  13. "You will Oscar, you will" (Whistler)
  14. It would be a political decision but the answer is yes seeing as crimes of genocide are crimes which have universal jurisdiction. This means the alleged perpetrator can be arrested and tried anywhere in the world. However, as both the UK and France are both members of the ICC they would be handed over to the Prosecutor of the ICC as it now has jurisdiction. If the genocide was that committed in Rwanda during the last crisis then they would be handed over to the ICTR as it has the best jurisdiction.

    If however, you were referring to the Australian man extradicted to Germany a few weeks back, I'd suggest you go back and read that thread properly before you got back on the outrage bus. The crimes he committed occurred in Germany and were not of universal jurisdiction. Hence, he was arrested and then extradicted to them to be tried. As mentioned in that thread it means criminals cannot just move to another country to escape being punished.

    Anyway, back on topic. I think a lot of African countries now teach English in schools, especially those that have had the UN in post-conflict. It has been known for the UN to name English as a national language in a country where English was not widely spoken. I'm still yet to speak an African person who cannot speak English no matter where they are from and how many other languages they speak.

    It tends to make it a lot easier in trade discussions etc on a national level and for tourism etc on a local level. I actually had a German friend moan at me because some German people she met whilst travelling hadn't bothered to learn English, she really couldn't understand it.
  15. My family & I were on holdiay in Vietnam a couple of years ago. English has replaced French as their second language. The only time my schoolboy French came into use was with an aged nun in Hanoi at the Christmas Day Mass.

    Wandering around the lake that Senator MacCain knows so well :wink: , we were often hailed in English by young & old alike. They all seemed very please to have a chance to practice upon Westerners.

    A pal of mine works out there and one of the Government ministers wanted to get his son a job with my pal's company. The first hurdle was that the son did not speak any English and the idea was dropped. However, my pal learnt soon after that the minister's daughter was studying hard on her English.