RV Tour to Kabul or Bastion? Please Clarify?!


Am about to start the mobilisation process for Herrick 5 and am suddenly hearing rumours that RV's are now NOT going to KABUL, but going to Helmand province?

Can some one please confirm or deny this rather serious rumour?!

PM is needs be?!

Many thanks.
Probably an unfair thing to post, but from the tone of your post one gains the impression that your arrse is attempting to eat the seat you're sat upon! Understandable when one contrasts kabul to the sticks. Sign on. Get some in! Kabul or Bedrock, carpet buying or excellent stories on your return: both winners!
This is all true, rather suddenly the images of carpet buying and snowball fights with the locals has vanished as QRF and anti- ambush drills kick into play! All will be fine and im looking forward to the challenge...... if its confirmed?!?1 ;)

thanks all the same -- put a rather large smile on my face!

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