RV Ops


RVOps – “where compromise is NOT an option”

Based in Plymouth, home of 3 Commando Brigade, we constantly receive feedback on the right equipment for exercise and operational use.

We offer the following online service.
• 10% Discount on all our goods,feel free to use the following discount code: ANET
• Tax free to BFPO.
• Discount on bulk purchases.
• *Standard 24hr delivery on all goods* (UK Mainland).
• 1 hour delivery time slot advised by text.
• First rate service and aftercare – see our online feedback section.

*Subject to availability on orders placed on a working day before 14.00hrs.*

Why not log on to RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment and have a look around........
Called with RV Ops today. Top service, friendly AND a discount offered and gratefully accepted through quoting the website. Nice one ;-)
Sorry for resurrecting this, but I'm wondering if you currently have any discounts on?

Thank you.

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You can just put two six inchers together anyway.

Frotting, I think it's called.

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I'm based at 42 (where RV Ops originally started before moving to their current premises) and have heard many bootnecks complain that they don't do military discounts. On the other side of the coin, I've heard RV Ops say they don't discount as their prices are already cheaper than else where in town (don't really know anywhere else like it in town apart from second hand surplus stores though).

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