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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Praetorian, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Lads and lasses, I just want to shamelessly tongue the ringpiece of the blokes down at RVOps. I ordered a bit of kit from them yesterday, and received it at lunchtime today. In addition to that, the bit of kit that they were out of stock of, they're forwarding to me when I get settled in a FOB in theatre.

    Tip top service, snappy, quick and efficient. ******* marvellous.

    Cheers guys, the service is appreciated. Ive got no hesitation in recommending them to anybody on here.

  2. Seconded
  3. Thirded. Super quick and even got a free RITR notepad!
  4. They are rubbish.*

    They sent me this notebook, right, and whatever I write on it, I can remove. How weird is that? Is it magic?

    Nice one RV.

    Magic me some fit blokes.

    By Dale, whatever age you want me to be xxxx

    *They are ace actually and if I had to go into a fight against them, I would just roll over and let them tickle my tummy.
  5. I'm not going to slag them off, but i really don't see what all the hype is about them, and to be totally honest i think that RVOP'S are way behind the times, both in pricing and product range.

    I have used them in the past before i knew better, now i just google and search for the best price.
  6. I have purchased two items from RV Ops, Lowa Patrol Boots, and the Berhaus Vulcan Bergan, both of which are brilliant. Both times RV Ops have dispatched very quickly, and gave me a freebie Rite in the Rain Notepad.
  7. You're entitled to your opinion, I use them because I know I will get what I ordered quickly with no fucking about involved. I also know that they are ex military and are less likely to flog shite.

    You google yourself a couple of pence discount from somewhere, but don't whine when it doesn't turn up or is a piece of shit.
  8. Well said at least you know when you order from RV Ops, it will come in days, well packed, with great on the phone customer service. If there is a problem. You just have to look at the customer feedback on their website to see what a fantastic company they are.
  9. Seconded. To quote the Inbetweeners, everyone has a mate who builds formula 1 cars, who owes them a favour. RVOps are consistently good!. Sod it, my ringpeice tonguing is complete.
  10. Very happy with the recent service provided by RV Ops; helpful, knowlegeable and no problems with exchanges/refunds, also all items were in stock.

    You may well save a pound or two looking else, but good service and fast delivery are at a premium these days.

    And I now expect a handsome discount :D

  11. Another thing: If you hear of any kit or supplier faults and pass them onto RVoPs they always respond with a decent "thank you". Some of the other cnuts that I have contacted in the Outdoor Pursuits business couldn't even be bothered to either action the solution or respond.
    I cannot even add the old "You get what you pay for" because some of the sluts that I have in mind are more expensive than RVoPs
    Anyway, the others can't bothered to produce highly instructional videos like this LINKY
  12. Well I wouldn't trust 'customer feedback' from their own website! Do you honestly think that there is no fiddling wiht that...?

    I think they are over estimated and when I have been to see them they lack enthusiasm, let me wait forever and then don't have what I need in stock! I am not willing to pay £ 20+ more for an item just to support that!
  13. I've ordered from them a number of times and I've never had any problems. They don't have everything I want but they probably have everything I need :) Prices are reasonable, delivery is quick.

  14. That is a seriously disturbing thought.
  15. 10 out of 10 from me for service.....not to bad on the price either..some of the offers are not bad.. :)
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