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Rutting Chavs


Book Reviewer
I went out tonight, with Wifeinblack, for a tabby-cat massala and pilau rat; all was fine until we walked past the local music venue where the manager explained how many of my friends were inside.

The ball and chain went home and I popped in for a beer, then I got talking etc.

I left at 11 and as I got to the corner of the road there was a couple; fat bird/skinny bloke rutting on the pavement, under the streetlamp.

We are talking about trousers round ankles and legs apart on a Tuesday night in the middle of a city.

Then, when he got a move on, she got all snotty about his poor performance.

Mind you the time scale was from first glimpse to trousers up under a minute.


Book Reviewer
Frankly, I have read the book and seen the film but, I was pretty shocked by this.

Not the act; the audacity, although they would never spell it.

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