Ruth Kellys CV

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Vegetius, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Reading a profile of this massively talented government minister on the BBC, I decided to give you all a bit of a run down on her CV. She's 37.

    Here goes.


    Sutton High School
    Westminster (a top public school? Quel horreur!)
    Queens College Oxford (PPE for a change)
    London School of Economics (MSc, Economics)

    This is an impressive education isn't it? OK, she's now in her mid-twenties, right? And hasn't done a stroke of work. Maybe that dissertation on, I dunno, supply side economics, Hayek or whatever gave her a bit of a taste of life in the proletarian trenches?

    OK, onwards and upwards.


    Economics reporter, The Guardian
    Deputy Editor, quarterly inflation journal, Bank of England
    Treasury Select Committee
    Parliamentary Aide to Agriculture Minister
    Economic Secretary to the Treasury
    Minister of State for the Cabinet Office
    Minister of State for Education

    Again, when it comes to gliding around the salons of power, leftish media circles and so on she is clearly an accomplished operator. But what has she done? She's a mother of four, she's a member of an ultra-conservative religious group, (etc) but she hasn't as far as I can see done a day's work that is topical to her brief.

    What other organisation in the world, apart from politics, appoints people with no practical experience to the highest managerial posts? What value to my kid's education is this woman bringing to the table? Why is politics stuffed with journos, lawyers, career public sector David Brents?

  2. Maybe the Kelly who died on his hill-side walks was a mistake and it was this one who should have been given a suicide dose to remove a government embarrassment?
  3. I personally wish the woman well. I just don't understand why she is the Education Minister.
  4. She's the education minister because it has been discovered that nonce sympathisers are under represented at this level of government.
  5. She has the only qualification she needs - she supports Bliar.

    Not much different to my local MP - John Hutton, the Pensions Minister:

    Oxford - Law degree

    Research Associate Templeton College. 1980-81

    Senior Lecturer in Law at Newcastle Polytechnic 1981 - 92

    MP - 1992

    In other words, he's never had a 'real' job - he hasn't even practised law.
  6. There is nothing to stop you becoming a politician when you are no longer serving in the forces. If you can do the job better - do so!
  7. ^ Awesome input.
  8. Better men and women have gone before me and failed - it's all about connections darling, toadying, appeasement and being a sycophant of the highest order. Plus it helps if you are black/asian/gay/lesbian/disabled/ - after all there are quotas to fill for fair representation of the minorities in society.

    Generally the above doesn't apply to hardworking majority of this country.
  9. Lining bowler with tinfoil and bracing for inevitable impact....

    Is there any link between Ruth Kelly signing off windowlickers to work with children and her membership of Opus Dei?

    The catholics don't exactly have a spotless record of childcare....

    ...reaching for coat and heading for tinfoil lined bunker.......
  10. Possibly, V-K - or is this simply a Bliar Babe link. Remember Margaret Hodge, another Neu Arbeit error of judgment queen. Mind you, if she turns out to be a papist too...
  11. It would be interesting to know the 'work' history, experience and qualifications for the job of certain other Westminster/Brussels Grandees.
    These chimps justify their nice salaries and pensions that put ours to shame by saying that if you want quality people, pay big bucks

    Bawlocks. Commitment and integrity would be demonstrated by someone who would do the job (MP) for nothing, having had the odd proper job along the way. There isn't much quality on either side of either house.

    Just look at this tw@t. No mention of a job between university and becoming an MP, just a lot of protesting.

  12. Slight problem there - the majority of Soldiers have backbone and integrity, unlike the vast majority of our "snouts in the trough" politicians!
  13. Replacement for deleted post;- I thought she was a bean- flicker! :oops:
  14. Neither does she?
    It's only because of Blind Pugh's first lot of misdemeanours that she got there at all if I recall correctly.