Ruth Kellys Bullcrap excuse?

Her words

"So I ask for your understanding when I say that I now owe it to my children and family to put them first. If I do not, then I know that this is something I will come to regret deeply."

What confuses me is this..... Her children are aged between 5 & 11. OK so what you might think..

Well, in the past eleven years Mrs Kelly has devoted most of her time to the 'party' and not as much to her children when they were at such an age that would have been important for the mother/sibling bonding period.

It seems strange to me that now all the kids are at a school age, that she wishes to dedicate more time to them, when in theory she should have more time available to follow her political will. ?

Perhaps politics was more attractive than changing nappies and putting up with screaming kids at the time.
Priorities assabbout face or a lame excuse ( Both?)

I hope this makes sense folks.....Views?
Didnt some other spineless Liabor MP do this a few years ago? bleat on about how he wants to spend time with his family blah blah. Dont we feckin all? (maybe not in some cases)
How safe is her seat? Wouldn't need much of a swing and she has lost share in the last two elections.

Bolton West

Perhaps she sees the writing on the wall.
"More time with family" "Gardening leave" tired old cliches meaning the same thing.I jumping before I am pushed.Of course she is no supporter of Cyclops either.
She obviously also thinks that Broon is a complete tw@t but hasn't got the bottle to speak out like those who have done so recently.

And now they are banging on about the "pressures of 'frontline' politics", fcuking jokers the lot of them
Good riddance to the useless cow better off behind a kitchen sink. i expect she,s got a good pension out of her service(choke-choke)who,s the next numpty to take on the post?
From the Daily Mash....


Better than talking about cycle lanes
OPUS Dei transport secretary Ruth Kelly is to resign from the cabinet to spend more time with that spikey chain thing they strap round the top of their thighs.

Kelly dismissed suggestions she was trying to destabilise the prime minister, insisting Jesus had ordered her to strap it on as often and as tightly as possible.

She said last night: "It's very difficult to concentrate on the restructuring of Network Rail when the love of Jesus is really digging into your thigh.

"There have been times during cabinet when the prime minister asked if I was alright and I just bit my lip and let out a tiny little squeak.

"But once you've experienced the eye-watering ecstasy of Jesus-based thigh gouging you just want it all the time."

Sociologist Dr Wayne Hayes said: "Being a member of Opus Dei is demanding. You're either thwarting art historians and topping nuns or generally buggering about in the Louvre.

"There's also the spikey chain thing, the self-flagellation and the branding of each other's buttocks with a red hot poker."

He added: "And of course there's the constant, demented opposition to medical research that could lead to cures for cancer, MS and Parkinson's Disease. It's a busy day."
She's been unhappy with the current Labour direction for a some time now, (she's an out and out 'Blair babe' and also struggled with the the last embryology bill that went through parliament on a personal level) so her resignation isn't any surprise really. She's only resigned from cabinet rather than as an MP. I would say that at least she's had the mettle to resign rather than continue in something she wasn't comfortable with.
No great loss:

Family history
Kelly's grandfather Philip Murphy was an Irish Republican Army (IRA) officer interned in 1922 by the Government of Northern Ireland. Murphy's detention file refers to him as 'quartermaster of the West Fermanagh IRA Battalion'. He went on hunger strike to protest at his detention. He was released unconditionally in June 1924 when internment ended.[4]
She will have milked the system for fully paid maternity leave, part time working etc. etc. Now some shady organisation has offered a good well paid job, she's jumped the sinking ship.

The woman is a monster
plugbore295 said:
Good riddance to the useless cow better off behind a kitchen sink. i expect she,s got a good pension out of her service(choke-choke)who,s the next numpty to take on the post?

..You'd have to check, but she may well have had a new kitchen sink on us as well.
One less stupid, fcuk-ugly, God-bothering cnut in the Cabinate. Just a pity she did'nt leave in a body-bag. She should do us all a favour and wrap the Pope's Strap-on around her fcuking NECK! :evil:

Bitter? Moi?
Well they couldn't have f&cked up her announcement much more - press releases at 1 in morning, press briefings at 3 in morning, and they didnt have the b*lls to tell her this morning so it was a surprise to her - how can your own "resignation" come as such a surprise!

And now its been announced that the much trumpeted meeting between our great Economic Leader with the US Government's chief economist has been cancelled by the US! Brown is a pratt and anyone who follows him out of anything other than a sense of curiousity is a fool!

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