Ruth Kelly - Mental Dwarf?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Xenophon, May 11, 2006.

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  1. This is from today's telegraph:

    Ruth Kelly's crusade against middle-class "Nimbies" was in disarray last night after it emerged that she had opposed the building of hundreds of homes in her constituency.

    The Communities and Local Government Secretary was accused of double standards after pledging this week to "root out" the Not-in-my-backyard - or Nimby - tendency to oppose new housing developments.

    Miss Kelly complained that government plans to build thousands of low-cost homes were being frustrated because people were too "protective of their own space".

    But her comments were greeted with incredulity in Bolton, where locals revealed that she had become notorious for objecting to new housing developments in her well-heeled constituency of Bolton West.

    On one occasion, she even urged local residents to "savour this sweet victory over the developers" after blocking plans for 1,100 new homes in her constituency.

    Margaret Rothwell, the chairman of Bolton council's planning committee, confessed that she had been flabbergasted by Miss Kelly's decision to declare war on the Nimbies.

    The Liberal Democrat councillor said: "I've spent about six years on the planning committee and in my experience whenever a group of residents in her constituency object to a development in her patch, she always backs them."

    Since her election to the Commons in 1997, Miss Kelly - who lives in a four-bedroom detached house that was built on a greenfield site - has routinely opposed developments in her own backyard.

    • In March 2005 she supported residents who opposed plans to build a new Islamic College - along with accommodation for 200 boarding students - on a greenfield site in Westhoughton.

    • In 2004 she supported residents in a successful campaign to stop 30 one- and two-bedroom flats in the Heaton area of Bolton.

    • The year before, she played a leading role in blocking proposals for a five-storey apartment block in the same area.

    • In 2002 she fought against plans to build new homes on the site of the Bellhouse Hartwell aerospace plant in Westhoughton.

    • Two years earlier she celebrated with residents in the same area after they derailed plans to build 600 new homes.

    • In 1999 she played a pivotal role in blocking proposals to build 1,100 new homes in Westhoughton.

    John Walsh, who has been a member of Bolton's planning committee for 31 years, said: "I find her hypocrisy breathtaking.

    "A short time ago she was supporting residents in their objections on the grounds that they were inappropriate for the area.

    "Now, within days of her new appointment, she is saying she intends to bring in legislation to force through such developments."

    Local people also voiced dismay. Roy Walmsley, a member of one local residents' association, said: "I am disappointed at the terms in which Miss Kelly has addressed herself.

    "She has been supportive in the past, particularly over the protection of trees. To call us Nimbies now is most insulting."

    The Conservatives accused Miss Kelly of double standards.

    The shadow local government secretary, Caroline Spelman, said: "This is breathtaking hypocrisy from a minister who has repeatedly opposed development in her own constituency yet is happy to steamroller people's objections elsewhere."

    However, a spokesman for Miss Kelly dismissed the criticism, arguing that it was perfectly reasonable for the minister to criticise Nimbies while objecting to developments in her own constituency.

    Am I not getting something here? FFS this woman was once in charge of educating our children. I would like to thing if Broon ever makes it the first thing he'll be doing is turfing her out
  2. Why breathtaking? A perfectly ordinary and commonplace example of two faced no scruples and out right lying that is the hall mark of a politician.

    There you go see. Perfectly reasonable for there to be a "one rule for me and tough shit to the proles" approach from a minister.

    This really is a small scale version of the hypocrasy that we see and hear every single day from our elected representatives.
  3. Who would have thought it? Hypocracy from a politician. I'm shocked, stunned and not a little bit amazed.
  4. Don't worry, I am sure Crabby will show us the error of our ways and demonstrate that she is misunderstood and acting on our best behalfs the tories were really to blame anyway.
  5. Ruth Kelly - Attacks Nimbys - but not in her back yard
    Tony Blair - no selective schooling - except for my children, all my friends children etc.
    John Prescott (1997) - Making a responsive transport infrastructure my top priority - Two Jags?
    Tony Blair - No more sleaze......God I cant begin to cover this one
    Tony Blair - End yob culture - see John Prescott

    It is a very depressing picture!

    "Ever feel like you've been cheated" - John Lydon 1976.
  6. They're all the same. I remember Diane Abbott strongly supporting state education - guess where she sent her son?

    link to story
  7. This is the same Ruth Kelly who is a member of ultra-orthodox Catholic sect Opus Dei (see Da Vinci Code) who see homosexuality as an abomination of God, who believe in self mortification etc etc.....hasn't she just had a sideways move into a department specifically set up to look after the interests of homosexuals, trannies and so forth?
  8. It's a new department which covers Sex Discrimination and Racial Discrimination too

    link to story
  9. Thanks for the link.......conflict of interests???
  10. Obvious though from her time as Education Minister that she was never destined to be a towering mental presence in the Government or the party. Her logic and ability to debate or even inform over the 'deferred success' concept and plans for education showed her to be what I can only assume is a gender senisitive appointment rather than one made on ability.

    The sadness is that she, like many before her, has the ability to stand for one thing whilst campaigning (often out of the public eye) for something contrary to the needs of others she should be serving. Sadly, this is another display of the paucity of integrity, the power of croneyism and the like from a generally contemptible Government.

    I can't comment on the Ops Dei bit as I'm still fighting to understand what bits go where with them so will leave that well alone for others with perhaps more knowledge.

  11. From the title does that mean that Kelly is a veritcally challenged fighting machine, or about as bright as say John Prescott's future
  12. The members of Opus Dei are ordinary citizens who enjoy the same rights and are subject to the same obligations as any other citizen. In their professional, family, political, financial or cultural activities, they act with freedom and personal responsibility, not involving the Church or Opus Dei in their decisions, nor presenting those decisions as the only Catholic solutions. This implies respecting the freedom and the opinions of others.

    I heard on the James Whale show last night that she(Ruth Kelly)wears some sort of metal knickers that cause her some pain which she tolerates as she goes about here daily business,well what ever turns you hen I say.
  13. I think the title is unfair to people of dimished mental stature actually!

    My opinion would be that Prescott's future is certainly much brighter than Kelly's intellect. Haven't seen the photo's to prove it but would assume that she has velcro shoes rather than lace-ups :)

  14. Following the recent outing of Brown as a mong, see recent thread, could Bliar be surrounding himself with a collection of ice-cream eating mmllllaaaaaarrrrrs to make himself look good?
  15. I think it's a last ditch attempt to keep a crowd round him that he can control.

    Reminds me of the Spitting Image skit on Thatcher's cabinet meeting when they went for a meal.

    Thatcher was asked for her choice - she answers 'Beef'. The waiter then says 'and the vegetables?' She says 'They'll have the same!'

    Reckon Tony's cronies are of the same ilk. Major's lot were crooked and thrown out in '97 but this crowd take the biscuit. They have their noses in the trough and when found out are dragged kicking and screaming rather than resign.

    Imagine doing fraud, caught knocking off CO's missus, fiddling somebody's docs so they could get promoted, not paying for your quarter etc. What would happen to you?

    Doesn't apply if you're an MP.

    To quote the mental dwarf 'I see no conflict in acting for the public in my new department with my own personal views as they are separate' :roll: