Ruth Kelly involved in expenses blackhole

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. She seems to be claiming a sh1tload of money above what she actually needs. 8O

  2. msr

    msr LE

    The trouble with playing the sleaze card is that it tends to come and bite you on the bum.

    How much has Greg Hands claimed?

  3. Perhaps she needs the money to pay for 'Eyebrow Management' courses...

    ...yep - pretty cheap shot.

  4. I just cant resist the thought of scuttling her from behind though... (apologies as this is not the Naafi).

    Doubtless she will have abided by the rules: to the letter. The problem with New Labour is that they are very good at saying "we obeyed the rules", even when they flouted the spirit of the rules. They then normally go on to appoint a crony (for yet more taxpayers' cash) to look into the problem that they created (on purpose) in the first instance.
  5. Yep... PRETTY much on target, unlike ms Kelly
  6. Well, she hasn't spent it on 'Breeding Management' courses either. Or 'How To Avoid Sounding Like A Man' training....

    A shiny sixpence to the first ARRSER to attribute Ms Kelly's alleged misdeeds to an Opus Dei conspiracy, rather than the usual New Labour low standards.
  7. Opus who....? :)

  8. i would like to ask miss kelly the reason why students like my self and others in a well known uni are only able to have part help with our fees and all the other state uni students have all there help and fees paid for them
    we have to only miminal loans and the other uni students have help with there all there fees,acomdation etc

    she as claimed all this money in expenses and the education dept and students like my self which need help are not recieving any help they need
    yes there should be a full investgation in to this ladys spending
  9. Someone please delete the above trash. Thanks.
  10. Maybe because your grammar, spelling and punctuation are so bad that your university has been identified as a lost cause, and thus only receives half the available funding as its students only have half a brain (between 600 of the wasters).

    Whining Welsh witch. Your countrymen succeeded where many thought they would fail: they managed to scribble enough crosses on bits of paper to vote for the Welsh Assembly (Honour Title: Home for Pederast Druids and other Deviants). With freedom and rights comes responsibility. If you don't like it, then please feel free to throw yourself into a disused coal mine.
  11. Before we condem Ruth Kelly consider the facts
    She is a hard working MP and does wonders for the goverment which in turn is looking after the Armed Forces so much that they are now best treated in the..................

    Hey who been using my log in trust me not to lock the key board whilst out of the office.

    Just to clarify all MP's are money grabing paricites only supporting causes which will get them votes and a seat then dropping the cause because it not worth the hassle but hey we still do their bidding as loyal servents.
    Why did i sign that form
  12. She's not the only one. John Prescott, Geoff Hoon, Hilary Armstrong, Margaret Beckett and Bliar himself are all at it too.

  13. I think it laughable that ministers, who get paid a lot more that your average worker in the UK, gets so much assistance of paying their day to day bills, i thought that is what your normal pay was for! I agree with paying travel expenses, but if you have a second home - thats your choice, crack on with it.

    Its almost worth getting elected, get paid a shed loads of money, do a crap job, screw some fit birds that the papers would employ to entice slease on you, and pocket the redundancy payout! Then back to the old job, from which you took a sabbatical break!

  14. msr

    msr LE


    And a pension after 4 years!

  15. Who cuts her hair? Blunkett? Let me at that woman with a pair of tweezers!!!!! 8O

    No doubt there will be an investigation- of which she will be cleared of any wrongdoing and some new rules will be put in place for all parties to ensure that it doesn't happen again..... :roll:

    Quite frankly I am bored with all the sleaze.