Ruth Kelly - Im alright Jack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by drain_sniffer, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Good to see that the former education secretary has now buggered the education system up for children with special needs so much that she has decided to send her child to a "special school". Good to know she can, and has probably got funding from her LEA. The rest of us just have to suffer with LEA's and schools that have to act illegaly as they no longer have the necessary provision.

  2. Get your facts right! She's not taking anything from her LEA, if you'd read the article you link to you would have seen that. This is funded by herself and on the advice of the special needs professionals who work within Tower Hamlets education setup!

    There are still several forms of learning disability that are best dealt with away from mainstream education, and most of these schools are privately run and have been since the late eighties, early nineties. She has said son will be back in the state system by the time he is due to start secondary education in two years.
  3. The working class can kiss my arrse
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  4. I know my facts, as a father of a child with aspergers syndrome and trying to get him an education!!!! From what you have stated you know frigg all about what can and cannot be provided by LEA or the state system for kids with special needs. The truth is, if you want your child with severe diifficulties to be educated, you pay - end of. I suggest YOU get your facts right.
  5. Don't think so, from what I've heard of it today on PM on R4 if families don't have the money to pay for it, then the LEA would do so. She's volunteered to pay as she can afford it so as not to be seen to be taking money from council tax payers.

    Much as I dislike this government I'm struggling to see what she's done wrong here!
  6. Oh, is that so. Shows what you know. My son is now 9 and every time I move I have the merry go round of trying to get him educated. My family have been in Colchester since the begining of October. He started school last thursday. Get you4r facts right before spoutintg off sh1t you know nothing about.

    What she has done, is devestate the system she was responsible for to such an extent that the same system can now longer cope. Hypocracy at its best
  7. The LEA concerned (Tower Hamlets) said on R4 this evening that if this needs to happen and on professional advice they will pay for it! In general terms and not discussing this particular case. All LEA's are different.

    The point I objected to in your post was that you claimed the LEA were paying for it when the story you linked to states quite clearly that they aren't!

    I feel for your predicament in the other topic as that's obviosly crap, but not all LEA's work in the same way. Cumbria won't statement any child at all as it puts them under an obligation to do something, so a friend of mine moved into Lancs. where they will and things will happen.

    My work involves Child & Adolescent Mental Health referrals out of county ( and this often involves an element of Learning Disability/Developmental Disorder) so I do know something of the systems, though I don't have your first hand experience of the uselessness of a lot of it.
  8. I should apologise for misleading people here. Whilst expressing my views on Sunday I had understood that the Sunday papers' guarded comments referred to Brown and his child rather than Kelly. Nonetheless, I still hold the view that these Ministers show considerable hypocrisy when it comes to their own immediate families...
  9. Drain Sniffer

    I am sorry for the raw deal You got with Essex LEA, it just isn't on.

    I must say I agree with nearly all Your points. Whilst I have always supported the good things that have happened in education under this government, the degrading and closure of our special schools has been a disgrace. Some children are not suited to education in a mainstream school, including my nephew who is Downs Syndrome - Liam is lucky in that his educational needs have always been in nearby special schools.

    I also agree that Kelly has been hypocritical in several areas. As a member of the Labour she followed the mantra that state education is the moral way for a country to educate its youth and that private education allowed well off families an unfair advantage - to then purchase an education for one of her children is, as I said, hypocritical. For her to push for the closure of special schools and the education of special needs kids in a mainstream setting and then buy her child a higher clas of education borders on the criminal.
  10. They are all cnuts. They ruin every thing they touch, but have the cash to rise above it all.
  11. Cameron has just spoken out for Kelly
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The difference being that David Cameron is father of a severely disabled child, whereas Ruth Kelly's child has 'dyslexia'. Hmmm.

    Of course Cameron can't 'speak out' against Kelly but the difference between the special needs of his child, and those of Ruth Kelly's, is of several orders of magnitude.
  13. This started a LONG time before Labour were voted in, granted they haven't turned things around but equally the process started a long time ago.
  14. What I find shocking about the whole thing just who was desperate enough to bone that howler in the 1st place! Wasn't she also caught out not so long back about the Nimbys last year?. I does stink and says much about the education system she was responsible for