Ruth Kelly cleared child sex crime man to teach

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by monsoon_ditch, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. bloody stupid bitch.

  2. Here:
  3. She looks like a male paedo... :twisted:

    Remember Margaret Hodge, who smeared a paedophile victim abused by an employee of her local authority?

    Perhaps the paedophile in question is a Labour donor or member....
  4. Stupid cnut. She needs a good kicking.
    I wonder if she'd be so quick to give the b"""""d a job teaching Blair's kids.
  5. As usual, a Labour minister makes a grave error of judgment, and remains in post as if nothing happened.
  6. I doubt it. After all, the MMR jab is good enough for our kids but not for Blair's kid (remember that scandle?)

    As far as Blair and labour are concerned, anything that is good enough for a farmyard pig is good enough for us loyal subjects to use.
  7. Black is white and bad is good! - that's the way of Tony's Cronies!
  8. A small point on this - why does a Political appointment have the final say on vetting anyway? Surely the whole point of the Register was meant to be that it was applied universally and even the Court hearing a case has no power to vary its requirements, yet a politically appointed Minister has the power to brush it aside.

    Is that only worrying to me?
  9. Also remember, in Bliars world, if you are white, employed, able bodied, hetrosexual and aids free, then you are merely a source of revenue!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.