Rust repairs

The AA way* 8O

* Disclaimer: I don't think they recommend this approach any more :D
My old man must have read this book at some stage, as I can remember him bodging the arches up on a datsun that my mam had using the same method. Although he used scrunched up paper instead of chicken wire.

Jobs a good'un.
That brings back memories, good old chicken wire and nosh.

There used to be a rather seedy secondhand car dealer in the lower high street in Watford and they once brought in an XJ6 for some work to the exhaust. The two boxes that were supposed to connect to the curly chrome pipes were replaced with simple straight pipe and if you ran a magnet over pretty much anywhere on the car, it fell to the ground. The sills were actually Kellogs cornflake boxes painted over with underseal.

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