Rust Hole

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by T24D, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Good Moaning

    Just a quick question to those in the know. Wife's car (Ford KA) due MOT this week. I knew there was a small rust spot by the fuel filler cap, she decides to tell me now it is a hole. I have inspected said hole and it is a small circular hole approximately the diameter of a 5p bit possibly slighly wider but not by much.

    Question is , will it fail MOT for this??

    Ta in advance

  2. Bung it with tinfoil and put a random sticker over it to see if it foils the tester!
  3. I have an R reg nissan micra , the only thing holding it together is silver duct tape. So long as there are no sharp edges or the rust comprmises safety then it wont in itself mean failure.
  4. I have looked at a lot of these recently as my daughter for some unknown reason has took a liking for one,I have yet to see one that hasn't developed rust around the filler cap, as for the mot aspect I believe they look to see if the cap provides a proper seal,nothing more nothing less if so I think your'e ok.
  5. It is a Ford Ka, and thus should be destroyed immediately
  6. Of course it is. ;-)
  7. my wife's got a rusty hole too but she won't let me near it
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  8. No, it will not fail for corrosion around the fuel filler cap, see image below.

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  9. As above however if it's not structAL (chasis etc) or dangerously sticking out, just bung some duct tape on it.
  10. Thanks for the replies..all good :)
    Car passed with harry maskers over the aforementioned spot this afternoon. Hoorah..i thank you